Can I Have Attachments On My Emails: SimplyCast VFAQ

Can I Have Attachments On My Emails: SimplyCast VFAQ

January 28, 2014

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Since our platform sends very large volumes of email every day, we don’t support file attachments on emails because it would slow down our mailing systems; however, you can link to files so people can click on a link to view / download them.

You can do this two ways:

Create a link to a document you host on your own website or upload your file to our servers and link to it.

Linking your file:

To set up a link to your file, open your email project in our message editor. In this example, we assume you are working with our Simple Editor.

Once you have opened your email, do the following:

1. Double-click on a text or caption block.
2. Select text in the content and look for the Insert Link icon. A small window will appear.
3. Click on the Upload tab in this window.
4. Click Choose File to browse and upload a file from your computer.
5. After your file is selected, click on Send it to the Server to upload it to our servers. This will return you to the original link page. Notice that the URL field is automatically filled in with a link to your file.
6. Press OK to add your link.

Tip: You don’t need to upload a file every time you want to attach one. If you already have a file uploaded, you can choose it from the Link Info tab by selecting Browse Server.

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