How Do I Customize My Unsubscribe Page: SimplyCast VFAQ

How Do I Customize My Unsubscribe Page: SimplyCast VFAQ

January 22, 2014

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You can customize the look and feel of your email unsubscribe page. This is done by visiting the Suppression page in the Email application.

To make changes to your unsubscribe page, perform the following steps:

1. Click on the Email tab or select More and choose Email from the list.
2. Select Suppression from the Email tab.
3. On the Suppression page, you can customize your page in one of two ways:
The Style Slider allows you to choose between Light and Dark styles. These styles affect the background colors and text colors of your unsubscribe page.
4. To add your own logo to the top of the unsubscribe page, look for the Unsubscribe Logo section and click on the Upload button. This will load your image gallery where you can double-click to select an existing image, or click on the Upload button at the top of the window to upload a file from your computer.

Once you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the Suppression page and click on Save and Preview.

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