Marketing Lead Tracker Software - SimplyCast Sonar

Marketing Lead Tracker Software - SimplyCast Sonar

September 29, 2014

Make your marketing count with SimplyCast!

The best marketing in the world can flounder if you can't tell what parts of your strategy speak to people most. You want to be able to replicate the perfect set of conditions every time, and we want to help you accomplish that! With Sonar, our lead tracker software,ย keeping track of successful campaign components is a snap. Track the number of link clicks your communication campaigns receive, the number of visitorsย who are coming to your website, the browsers and operating systems used by these visitors, and more with our simple and easy-to-use interface. Always know how well each piece of your marketing strategy is faring and which may need to be optimized in order to gain more traffic and interest.


In the Sonar Web Trackers Dashboard, just set up a tracking link or pixel and then keep checking back as your campaign progresses. You'llย start seeing a difference and you willย learn new things about your customers and about your marketing every day. And, you know what? That's only one of the things Sonar can be used for!

Want more information about our marketing lead tracker software?

If you would likeย more information about SimplyCast's Sonar tool,ย do not hesitate toย contact our sales team at, or by calling the number on our Contact Us page on our website! You can also contact our Support Team if you have any questions about Sonar or any other SimplyCast product. They can be reached at

Do you want to try Sonar out for yourself? If you sign up today for a 14-day free trial of the SimplyCast platform, you will get access to the Sonar application and the many other tools SimplyCast has available to help with your business's marketing and communication needs!

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