SMS Marketing for Business

SMS Marketing for Business

June 08, 2015

SMS is highly effective for reaching out to customers. It is an extremely powerful tool that would greatly benefit any business's marketing strategy. This video will provide you an overview of SMS marketing for business professionals who are looking to improve client engagement and extend their overall reach to clients and potential clients.

Why SMS?

Did you know SMS messages are likely to be opened within three to five minutes of being received? This is partly what makes SMS such a valuable addition to any marketing campaign. If your business needs to contact customers quickly regarding a limited time offer or a flash sale for example, why not use SMS to get the word out fast?

Text messagingย is also a great tool for appointment reminders, limited time contests, and coupon promotions. The possibilities for how your business can improve your overall marketing strategy with SMS are almost limitless.

With SMS, your business can also set up a unique shortcode (a five or six-digit number contacts can text in to) to further facilitate client and potential client engagement. Keywords can be set up so anyone can text a certain keyword to the shortcode and receive information about a product, promo code, or any other information your business would like to provide to texters. Shortcodes allow you to provide valuable information without needing to utilize any additional resources to answer customer questions, etc.

Interested in learning more about SMS marketing for business?

If youย would like to see how SimplyCast can help improve SMS marketing for business professionals, check out our SMS marketing tool here! If you have any questions about the SMS marketing tool or any of our other many products and services, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at They will be happy to help!

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