10 Easy Steps to Create a Daily Newsletter Campaign

10 Easy Steps to Create a Daily Newsletter Campaign

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Daily Newsletter Campaign

To me, one of the strangest phenomena regarding email marketing is that many marketers still use plain text email newsletters when it has been decades since the inception of HTML-encoded visual emails.

Therefore, in this blog, I am demonstrating 10 easy steps to create a daily newsletter campaign for beginners. Following these steps, you can build a schedule of HTML encoded newsletters and automatically send them to thousands of contacts according to the time you set.

The entire process is divided into three stages: conceptualization, design, and automation. In the conceptualization stage, you will learn the techniques to brainstorm and come up with unique ideas to design branded daily newsletters. In the design phase, you will learn to create daily newsletters that incorporate your content. In the automation part, you will know the tricks to craft an automated communication workflow, so you don’t’ have to spend hours sending personalized daily newsletters to thousands of contacts.

Let’s start, eh?

Conceptualization Phase

Step 1: Set up your goals

Before anything else, ask yourself: why do you need a daily newsletter campaign? To disseminate information? Is it for promoting your business to potential buyers? Is it to sell something? To let your customers/prospects know about a BOGO offer?

Remember, if the purpose of your newsletter campaign does not align with your customer base’s interest, they will simply unsubscribe and you lose prospects. For instance, if you have a list of prospects who signed up to know more about discounts on second-hand game disks, you need to send them daily discount offers via your newsletter. Sending them information about new releases will not affect them. If you are a history-based magazine and you have prospects signed up who took an interest in your history-based comedy articles, send them a summary of a few incoming articles in the next edition. Obviously, you can include other information but the primary purpose should always be what those prospects signed up for.

Step 2: Set up your theme

Your newsletter theme is one of the most important factors to create an impression in the readers’ minds. If your prospects are hardcore professionals, send them professional content. If they are teenagers, make sure your content looks animated and colorful. Your newsletter theme should reflect your brand identity so when your prospects click on a link and visit your site/landing page, they have a seamless experience.

Step 3: Gather your content

One of the biggest problems in sending daily newsletters is gathering content! Remember, you are sending information daily. So, before you start your campaign, it will be wise to keep a library of content that can be incorporated in the newsletters for the next two weeks. Once you start your campaign, always keep your content library updated.

Design Phase

Step 4: Choose your template

As said before, time plays a huge factor in the successful execution of a daily newsletter campaign. If you need to build a newsletter from scratch, you are likely to run out of time. It is best to use an email marketing tool that offers various types of templates. Just use a few different templates so your audience doesn’t get bored and create newsletters for each day.

Step 5: Modify your template with content

This step is the real deal! You need to modify templates with your existing content to make daily newsletters. Creating attention-grabbing newsletters isn’t an easy job, but with proper guidance and techniques, it becomes a piece of cake. Here, check this blog to get ideas about creating a newsletter.

Step 6: Review your newsletter

Once you have created all your newsletters for the next couple of weeks, place yourself in the position of a reader and review all of them. Particularly, look for consistency in design, layout, white spaces, fonts, and uses of images. If you lose consistency and synchronization among your newsletters, it won’t be a fatal deal, but it will certainly hurt your brand identity in the long run. So, review it meticulously. It’s best if you can review it with a second reader.

Automation Phase

Step 7: Create a schedule

Sending all these personalized newsletters manually to each prospect on a daily basis is a bad idea, trust me! You should utilize a marketing automation tool and a CRM to create a communication schedule of your newsletters. You can store all your contact in a list and send personalized daily newsletters to each of the contacts on that list. All you need to do is to allocate newsletters to each of the scheduled email blasts. Once you launch the campaign, your prospects will start obtaining newsletters daily without you having to intervene.

Step 8: Test the campaign

BIG ALERT! Never ever launch a daily newsletter campaign — or any email campaign for that matter — without testing it first. You can send test newsletters to yourself. In this way, you can see if your campaign is working well or not. Simulating campaigns help to detect issues in advance and avoid unnecessary scenarios.

Step 9: Launch the campaign

Finally, when you are ready and satisfied, and you have tested all the areas of your newsletter campaign, launch it!

Step 10: Measure the metrics

Are you done after launching the newsletter campaign? Nope! You need to know if it is working or not. You can track the opening rate of your emails blasts and CTRs. Use a to quantify the volume of traffic coming to a specific webpage from a link in your newsletter. For instance, someone found a product interesting and clicked on the image that redirected the reader to that product’s page. You can track this activity with a tracker or through the email reports with an email marketing tool. In this way, you will learn which methods are working and which content is bringing more results so you can make informed decisions in the process of designing the next newsletters.

So Many Tools, Right?

If you want to cover all the essential aspects of a daily newsletter campaign, you need quite a few solutions. However, you don’t have to stress about splashing big bucks on multiple platforms. SimplyCast has an all-in-one communication automation platform that offers you all the tools you need.

With SimplyCast’s Email Marketing tool, you can design amazing newsletters. Modify our available templates or create one for yourself from scratch. You do not need any coding knowledge. SimplyCast users unleash their creativity while we take care of the technical details!

To support your daily newsletter campaign, we also have a powerful CRM that can store your contacts. You can create highly personalized newsletters by using the information fields in the CRM, such as contacts’ names, addresses, interests, etc. Our Sonar Web Tracker tool allows you to create and embed tracking link in your newsletter, so you have a clear idea about how your campaign is performing. Use the state-of-the-art marketing automation platform to schedule all your newsletter blasts! Get your campaign running 24/7, and don’t miss out on a single newsletter!

Most importantly, you will be enjoying all these solutions without switching between tabs! One software to get your job done.

Interested? Give it a try!

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