4 Benefits of Using Voice Automation for Non-Profits

4 Benefits of Using Voice Automation for Non-Profits

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4 Benefits of Using Voice Automation for Non-Profits

Promoting your brand, product, or service as a non-profit organization doesn’t differ greatly from an organization whose goal is to generate profit. The primary audience would likely be different, however, since as a non-profit organization you are trying to attract volunteers, investors, or looking to engage members to join your cause.

An automated communication solution can help your non-profit organization save time, gather fiscal resources, and draw attention to your organization by helping you to promote your events with unmatched efficiency. Voice automation software in particular can allow your staff and budget to perform at a higher standard than they could if they have to do everything manually. Using resources to employ staff to manually dial through your contact lists is a thing of the past. Now, automated calling software can take the place of the bulk of your resources and you will be able to efficiently nurture your non-profit leads automatically, engaging them in your organization.

Here are some specific use cases detailing how automated calling can benefit your non-profit organization below.

Updating Contact Information

Important contacts or volunteers may move, change phone numbers, or change email addresses and it can be time consuming and exhausting to make sure that all your contacts’ information remains up to date. To ensure that the most up-to-date contact information is available to your organization and that this information is accurate, you can use an automation platform to trigger an automated call to all contacts to remind them to contact you to update their information.

You can then provide contacts with various options for updating their information – for example, they can update their information in person, through an online form, or whichever method makes the most sense in your specific case. The initial automated call can initiate this process or your contacts and can eliminate busy work for your non-profit organization.

Automated Reminders

Automated calling can be used for many different kinds of informative data being sent within your organization to your contact list, including sending reminders to your contacts regarding volunteer shifts, fundraising campaigns, etc. You can also send automated reminders to contacts about appointments, upcoming events, or other vital information such as closures or new hours of operation.

Streamline Event Registration and Management

Generate an excited buzz around your non-profit’s next event and effectively promote the event with scheduled automated calls, emails, or social media posts. This promotion will likely involve more tools than simple voice broadcasting, but the right automated communication platform should be able to provide you with the means to create a sophisticated event management campaign. You can develop a landing page for your event within the platform, which can help provide a branded experience where guests can access important information about the event, sign up for information notifications by phone or email, or even buy tickets though this. You can keep engagement leading up to you event by sending automated calling campaigns while keeping them informed about the event.

Expanding Globally

Automated calling can break down many of the barriers that occur when beginning to expand your non-profit organization into different countries, specifically the scheduling aspect of a voice broadcasting tool. This makes time zone barriers almost nonexistent and makes it easy to create future lines of communication after the initial automated call. Obviously, there will still be time challenges as the software won’t completely eliminate them, however, automated calling certainly allows your organization to keep contacts overseas in the loop about your current projects.

Looking for an Automated Calling Tool?

SimplyCast provides a tool that allows non-profit organizations to create and send automated calling campaigns to contacts. This tool, with help from the rest of the all-in-one automation solution can assist organizations with each of these use cases!

To learn more about these specific use cases and others, click here to access our library of use cases. These can show you how to get the most out of your campaigns, and be sure to request a demo of the solution and see how we can help with any of your organization’s specific use cases and get some valuable input from our team.

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