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Your messages nurture your leads, your analytics track customer interactions, you build loyalty through personalized content and your business grows.

Discover and Learn

Discover and Learn

Gain insights into your customers by tracking all of their activity on your website and in your app, and then continue to follow through by tracking all of the interactions you have with them. Automate conversions with signup forms and you have all of the answers you need.

Easily Organize Everything

Easily Organize Everything

Take your business to the next level with our Customer Relationship Manager by organizing customers into pipelines for sales and support. Categorize them with lists and tags to send highly personalized and targeted communications. Assign tasks to your staff to ensure that a customer is never missed.

Communicate On Every Channel

Communicate On Every Channel

Using our automation manager, you can send highly targeted, personal communications to each of your customers based on their behaviour, preferences, and stage in your sales pipeline. Reach customers through the medium they want, be it email, SMS, voice or fax broadcasts.

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