Building a Responsive Landing Page: 4 Things to Consider

Building a Responsive Landing Page: 4 Things to Consider

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Building a Responsive Landing Page

So, you’ve decided you want to create a new landing page for your company. You find yourself scrolling through ads asking yourself where to even begin.

Well, first you have to know what your goal is for your landing page. What are you hoping to accomplish?

  • Do you wish to simply gain more traffic to your parent site? If so, then you want to be sure to include hotlinks to relevant pages on your parent site on your page.
  • Do you wish to build long-lasting relationships with your visitors? In this case, we recommend leveraging forms on your page for an easy way to collect visitors’ contact information and subscription preferences.
  • Do you wish to sell a product or service? Be sure to include a payment method such as PayPal on your landing pages to simplify the completion of transaction!

Now that you have a goal in mind, it's time to explore what can be included and expand on the suggestions above. Many companies have already begun to take action and are running multiple landing pages for every industry!

Landing Page CTAs

Including links to your company’s product pages and other website pages is a great way to boost interactions on both your landing page and parent website. Use the A/B split test feature to track the progress and successes of your various links by running multiple landing pages with different link options. This allows you to easily hone in on which links work and which may not be as popular in order to perfect your site’s landing page.

Landing Page Forms

Including forms on your landing page allows visitors to sign up for messages on promotions, new products, updates, or ask for help at any time. You are able to request contact information from visitors and ask for their preferred communication method, which will automatically be stored and can be used when you are sending messages, boosting engagement.

Landing Page Payment Option

PayPal is featured as one of SimplyCast’s best elements to apply to your landing page because it takes the pressure away from our customers, who don’t have to worry about integrating a payment option of their own onto their pages. It’s quick and easy  to implement, allowing landing page visitors to pay instantly with no hassle. You may wish to send an email or SMS receipt following a purchase and this can easily be done through our Autoresponder tool!

Landing Page Design

It's time for the creative part! It’s important to engage your visitors through interactive elements and impressive imagery and color schemes on your landing pages. Some landing page software may offer pre-designed templates for your landing pages that can be easily tweaked to perfectly match your vision. Or, you may choose to start from scratch and create a page that awesomely reflects what your company is all about. This section is key because often traffic can be discouraged from your page when a color scheme is too aggressive or too unlike that of your parent site. The purpose of the design of your landing page should be welcoming and helpful by using branding elements that reflect those of your company.

SimplyCast’s Landing Page Generator

Now that you have your landing page goal and the resources to accomplish it, there is nothing stopping you from completing your vision! Don’t be the company that loses sales and overall site traffic because you didn’t take the opportunity to leverage the opportunities that landing pages afford your business! SimplyCast provides an impressive landing page generator with easy-to-use features to create a one-of-a-kind and engaging page for your audience, along with more than 20 different applications to help you meet your communication and engagement goals and get ahead of the competition.

Request a demo of the entire platform and see all of the resources SimplyCast offers to give you the best experience for your company and your visitors!

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