Retail Communication: 4 Ways to Make Yours More Effective

Retail Communication: 4 Ways to Make Yours More Effective

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Four ways to make retail communication more effective

In order to be successful in the retail business, it is essential to form strong relationships with your customers. Consistent and engaging communication is a big aspect of maintaining loyal customers. Whether you're a small or large retail business, it is challenging to connect with each individual customer. How do you improve retail communication to excite customers and get them into your retail store?

Personalized Email Newsletters

Emails are a great way to provide retail information, and they can be easily personalized. With an automated retail solution, emails and other communications are personalized based on stored data, specific dates, customer profiles and particular preferences. You don't even have to segment the customers yourself, it's all done automatically.

Emails can be used to send personalized retail promotions that cater to each customer's unique preferences. Keep your content brief so you don't lose your customers' interest. Include your company branding and provide an engaging subject line. Coupons are often distributed by email with great success. Coupons increase business and draw customers into your store.

Hold Exclusive Contests

Contests are a great way to gain new customers and re-engage customers who may not have been in to the store in a while. On social media, contest posts and tweets frequently go viral. Simplify the process of promoting your retail contest by automating your social media posting. Schedule contest messages and communication to be posted over the course of the contest, such as a week.

Contests are a great way to increase your followers. Hold contests that are only available to social media users. This is a great incentive for people to like your pages, follow you and retweet your content.

Text Message Coupons

People always carry their mobile phone around with them, and most text messages are opened within five minutes of being received. Text message coupons are, therefore, a great way to entice customers into your store. Customers don't even have to print the coupon. Instead, they can just scan the coupon right from their phone.

Get people to sign up for retail text message updates by providing simple signup forms on your website, on your social media pages and at your point of sale in stores. Text message updates are easily automated and personalized to aid your retail communications efforts.

Run Surveys

Hold frequent online surveys to find out what your customers think about your customer service, which products they like, how they prefer to be contacted and so on.

Surveys are easily created through an automated retail solution using drag and drop elements and pre-made templates. Results are collected automatically and stored in each customer's personal profile. You can then analyze the results. This feedback provides you with information so you can improve your products, services, communication and customer care.

Many customers don't want to take the time to take surveys, however. To combat this, provide an incentive that customers will get at the end of the survey. This could be a coupon, a small discount or some other small reward. Don't make it too enticing because then customers will just rush through the survey to get to the prize at the end. Also, keep the survey short and include only simple, essential questions.

Try Automated Retail Communication for Free

Not sure how you would use automated retail communication? Contact us to learn more, or sign up for a demo of the platform below! You will save time, money and staff resources. Connecting with customers in multiple ways increases your engagement and boosts customer interaction and loyalty.

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