Building Responsive Landing Pages: 5 Components

Building Responsive Landing Pages: 5 Components

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5 Components to Include When Building Responsive Landing Pages

The key to creating an impeccable landing page is to incorporate five things into your page. They are: active links, SMS/Email follow-ups, engaging images/color schemes, easy/quick payment methods, and A/B split testing. These applications and management tools are the key to making sure your landing page performs to the best of its ability. Do not fall behind other businesses by not leveraging every tool at your disposal. Each of these elements are crucial to creating a landing page that engages and out-performs your competition.

Below, we go deeper into the five things you need to think about when building responsive landing pages.

Active links

The purpose of a landing page is to engage traffic coming to your website and convert them. The best way to convert a visitor is through active links. These links should have access to the parent website, your use cases, guides, and additional blogs and other informative reading material. The point of these links is to engage the visitors and create traction by leading them down a rabbit hole into your company and ensuring they become aware of all you have to offer. Including suggestions for what the visitor might want on your page, and how that can be delivered in an easy and engaging format, is an easy way to make sure you are staying ahead of the competition.

SMS/Email follow-ups

Converting your audience means you need to reel them in and make contact. Following up gives a helpful impression to possible clients. The SMS tool provided by SimplyCast gives users the ability easily send follow-up text messages to prospective clients automatically when they sign up through your landing page.

However, if you don’t want to go the route of SMS follow-ups – or want to include an additional follow-up method – email follow-ups also allow users to give their audience the ability to receive notifications, reminders, and updates on new products or services whenever they sign up. Follow-ups and reminders are crucial to engaging the web traffic you’re receiving and creating lasting relationships.

Engaging images and color schemes

When building responsive landing pages, we recommend using a similar color scheme as the one used for your parent site in order to not confuse or discomfort possible clients. Engaging images will help to grab the attention of traffic coming across the landing page. DO NOT include any images that are used to scare or intimidate traffic into engaging, as it will simply cause visitors to leave the page. Your landing pages should be welcoming, with helpful links to user guides, the parent site, and information forms. Your landing page should be designed to direct traffic to the parent site or allow them to make a purchase.

Payment methods

For those companies wishing to sell a product or service via their responsive landing pages, it’s important to be able to close visitors quickly by providing an easy and convenient experience for the customer. Companies may consider including a payment method/form on their page when trying to convert traffic into sales. SimplyCast offers a PayPal element that can be implemented onto your landing page to make these transactions as simple and easy as possible. Having a payment method located right on your landing page is a great way to engage and convert potential customers quickly. Along with engaging images and descriptions of products, a PayPal element provides a follow-through that is non-stressful to the landing page visitor.

After payment is submitted, a follow-up message may be sent to the customer immediately including a receipt, any other information (including shipping time, etc.), and ads for similar products the buyer may also like. This process of automated follow-up messaging will make it much more likely for the person to be a return-buyer/viewer.

A/B split testing

Creating the perfect responsive landing page can be hard. You may worry your page is not gaining the traffic you expected, and you aren’t sure your elements included are driving traffic towards your parent site and other links. A/B split testing might be the answer for you. A/B split testing allows you to create multiple versions of a landing page and track the effectiveness of all of them. This includes tracking the progress of elements such as hotlinks, payment forms, and signup forms. Once the A/B split test is complete, you will receive a full report determining which of your landing page versions is excelling and which versions are lacking. You can easily make any optimizations required and have the most successful landing page posted automatically to ensure your page is making headway in the digital community. Request a demo below to see how A/B split testing your landing pages is the right choice for your business!

After you have incorporated these five components into your responsive landing page to fully immerse the viewer in how YOU can help THEM, you should be well on your way to creating strong relationships with your customers and driving traffic to your business. SimplyCast offers all of these elements in our one-of-a-kind Landing Page Generator so you can take control of your digital presence in the market. Click the link below to request a demo and see how SimplyCast can help you get ahead in digitizing your firm.

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