5 Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategies

5 Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategies

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5 Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Healthcare marketing has been around for a long time, and healthcare practices often rely on tried and true methods to advertise their services and connect with their patients. Many practices, however, are now finding themselves unable to keep up with the changes in marketing technology. Healthcare marketing strategies that once worked very effectively are no longer bringing in new patients.

Don't get stuck doing the same healthcare marketing strategies over and over again while your practice suffers the consequences. Try something new and potentially more effective! Nowadays, marketing is all about using data to make a personal connection with each unique patient rather than blasting general advertisements to the masses. Here are a few healthcare marketing strategies that are effective and can easily be automated with an automated healthcare marketing solution. Automation makes the process much more efficient so you're not spending any additional time marketing.

5 Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategies

1. Conduct a healthcare survey through social media

Want to get a wide range of feedback about what patients are looking for in a healthcare provider? Online surveys are simple and efficient, and if you post them on social media you will get a large response. Your survey will be shared with a new audience. An automated healthcare marketing solution collects all survey data and organizes it. Analyze this data to see what your patients really want and how you can improve your services.

2. Offer a chance to win a healthcare service

The prize could be a free service such as teeth whitening. Contests are a very effective marketing strategy to increase engagement and interest. Advertise the contest through social media, email and text messages. Encourage patients to share, like and comment to increase exposure.

3. Share preventative healthcare tips to educate patients

Create messages in advance and schedule them to automatically send through social media, email or text messages. This educational content forms a personal bond with patients who see that you are invested in keeping them healthy.

4. Use automated notifications to fill empty healthcare appointment spots

Text messages are likely to be opened within five minutes of being received, making them ideal for sending time-sensitive messages. Encourage patients who have been waiting for an appointment to put their cell phone numbers on a list. Whenever a spot opens up, they will receive a text message notification. The first one to respond gets the spot.

5. Use social media for cross-promotion marketing strategies

Using social media, connect with other local businesses and do cross-promotion. Many healthcare practices refer patients to other businesses for relevant services, such as chiropractors, optometrists and massage therapists. Most healthcare professionals do this by word of mouth, but it can be simpler using automated social media posts. Promote the other business on your social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, and have them do the same for your practice on their pages. This keeps local business in the community as well as increasing exposure.

These are just a few healthcare marketing strategies that you can use. With an all-in-one healthcare marketing automation solution you can easily automate these strategies and many more. Sign up for a demo of SimplyCast 360 with our experts to learn more about how marketing automation can help your healthcare marketing and communication. Click the button below!

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