5 Easy Steps for Setting Up a Conference Call

5 Easy Steps for Setting Up a Conference Call

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5 Easy Steps for Setting Up a Conference Call

Setting up a teleconference may seem like a tough task, but in fact it is quite a simple thing to do. Follow these steps to help you set up a conference call quickly and easily.

1. Leverage a teleconferencing software or service

Download or subscribe to a teleconference software or service. There are many different options out there for teleconferencing software or services, so make sure that you choose one that is the best fit for your company. For example, SimplyCast’s Instant Teleconference solution can help you organize, schedule, and manage your conference calls all from your computer!

2. Set up dial-in numbers and codes

Once you have located a teleconference software or service, you now need to set up your dial-in number as well as the codes for participants to use to join the call. The dial-in number is a phone number that allows participants to join into the conference bridge which allows for more than two people to participate in a phone call. As for the codes, they are a set of numbers in which participants can enter to be able to join the call.

3. Send out invites and reminders

After setting up your dial in number and codes, it is now time to send out the invitations to those who you want to join the call. You can send out invites to prospective participants by email or SMS. Make sure when sending out invitations that you attach the dial-in number as well as any codes or other information needed for the call, such as the time and date of the call and the call agenda.

It is also a good idea to send out reminders for the call a day or so before the call to help remind people that it is coming up. A day's notice also gives people enough time to let you know if something has come up that may make them unable to join the call.

4. Dial into the teleconference

When the time rolls around, dial into your teleconference and enter your host code. The host code is what will give you power over the conference and the capability to do things such as mute everyone, record the call, block or let people in, and much more. This helps you to be able to better manage calls making them to be more productive and effective.

5. Start your meeting

After everyone has joined the call, you are good to start the meeting. Make sure that everyone that is supposed to be there is there before you start because as with everything, there may be a few stragglers trying to join the call and you don’t want to have to keep stopping and re-starting.

Set up a conference call today!

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SimplyCast’s Instant Teleconference allows you to set up a conference calls in a fast and easy way helping you better respond to emergencies, or save time when holding a meeting. Thanks to its unique feature of being able to dial out to contacts, there is no worry about giving people call information and having them dial in and enter codes.

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