5 Uses of Mass Communication in Your Company

5 Uses of Mass Communication in Your Company

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5 Uses of Mass Communication in Your Company

Whether you are part of a small, medium, or even a large company, there are a number of uses of mass communication systems to help maximize efficiency in everyday and emergency situations, either internally or externally. Mass communication allows you to reach many people at once instantaneously instead of having to manually reach out on a person-by-person basis, allowing you to extend your reach, maintain relevancy, and even communicate effortlessly with your own employees.

Here are just five uses of mass communication in your company:

1. Launching new products

One of the main uses of mass communication is for advertising purposes. It is a great way for your company to let your clients know about new products or services coming down the pipeline and get the public pumped up about them before they even become available.

Email and SMS blasts are a simple way to announce new services to the public, provided that you only send to those members who have previously signed up to receive communications from you. Some mass communication software even allows you to use conditional formatting to personalize these messages to each of your subscribers, only sending them messages about things they indicated an interest in through their interactions with previous messages.

2. Keeping your company top of mind

Another helpful way mass communication can assist in the customer-facing side of your company is by helping to ensure that your business remains top of mind for your clients. This can be done through email newsletters – a monthly newsletter can help remind humanize your company by including things like employee highlights, photos, or blog excerpts, not to mention sharing important information such as upcoming sales or discounts.

Feedback surveys asking your clients about their experience with your brand and company can also be a way to help customers remember your company. Sending out a quick survey after a public company event, for example, helps collect important information that can then be used to improve customer experience in the future. (Again, when sending mass communications out to the public, it is essential they are subscribed to receiving these kinds of messages from you.)

3. Upcoming staff meetings

Mass communication doesn't just have to be restricted between your company and members of the public. You are also able to use a mass communication system internally to optimize your department's ability to be able to communicate with each other quickly and efficiently.

Send a mass reminder to your staff about an upcoming staff meeting using multiple channels of communication such as email, text, and phone calls to be sure that everyone knows when and where it is with plenty of notice. Enable a "confirm receipt" option to require employees to indicate that they have received and read the staff meeting notice and receive a report telling you who has not checked their messages, allowing you to reach out again to those individuals.

4. Office polls

Wondering what to do for the next staff event? Who is able to participate in the next potluck? Send out a quick and easy, one question poll to collect results and come to a consensus in minutes so that a decision can made. Send out the poll using multiple communication methods and even use your employees' preferred communication method automatically to ask the question so they aren't bombarded with multiple messages on channels they don't regularly check.

Create a simple poll question using a mass communication system, select a list of contacts you wish to send the poll to, and at the click of a button the poll is distributed automatically via your chosen methods. Results begin to tabulate as soon as the first responses come in and you are provided with an easy-to-read report.

5. Emergency communication

Finally, one of the most important uses of mass communication is during emergency events and disasters where accurate and efficient notification is vital. Broadcasting evacuation notices and situation updates is made easier with a platform that can send out these communications en masse, and data from your personnel on the ground can be gathered and presented on a common operating picture for all appropriate officials to view.

Recruit emergency volunteers with the click of a button, determining how many you need and how many are available to assist with mitigation efforts within minutes. Request status updates from personnel in the field and then notify the public when it's all said and done.

Do you know any other uses of mass communication?

Let us know in the comments if you have any other uses of mass communication systems!

The SimplyCast platform encompasses many different tools to help with mass communication efforts through multiple channels, such as email, SMS, voice, and fax. Notifications can be automated and results collected and displayed in a single view for simple and timely decision-making. SimplyCast also includes some specifically emergency-related tools under its EmergHub banner, such as Alerts, Live Survey and Recall – all of which use mass communication to the utmost degree in order to effectively manage any emergency situation.

For more information about the mass communication capabilities that SimplyCast has to offer, sign up for a demo to see discover the many uses of mass communication for your company. Click the button below!

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