Advise Clients with a Financial Health Index Solution

Advise Clients with a Financial Health Index Solution

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Financial Health Index Solution

People around the world have difficulty with finances at various times throughout their lives. Being able to quickly assess the security of one’s financial situation quickly and easily is of utmost importance for taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Additionally, being able to quickly arrange a meeting with someone about your finances who has access to the same data can be of great benefit, allowing you to start your financial advisory meeting on the same level.

A digital solution can help by giving financial advisors the ability to see and understand their client’s financial situation quickly and easily, tailoring each appointment to that specific client. The solution can also provide instant feedback, telling clients what their financial health index score is right after they finish a short quiz.

SimplyCast presents the idea of the Financial Health Index use case, a complete solution for assessing clients’ financial health, providing them with a quick understanding, and connecting them with an advisor for more information.

The solution makes use of landing pages, automation tools, and powerful communication tools.

4 Key Components of a Financial Health Index Tool

SimplyCast anticipated the need for financial health index information to be easily accessible and assist in the booking of appointments with new clients.

The answer to this challenge comes in four components and makes use of both a financial health index quiz and communication tools. Let’s take a look!

Component 1 – Landing Pages

Landing pages are the foundation for the entire financial health index quiz. Each landing page points to the next with the use of some of our more advanced settings, allowing for the completion of each phase of the quiz to lead directly to the next, with the emailed results only being sent at the very end. The quiz consists of four stages, therefore four landing pages: Spend, Save, Borrow, and Plan

Component 2 – Automated Decisions

You don’t want to have to make decisions at every juncture of every quiz. But you can set up easy-to-use decision logic within our solution that allows those choices to be made automatically for everyone who fills out the forms. Their responses will be logged in reports so that you don’t miss anything, and the process, from form to emailed result, is handled automatically.

Component 3 – Dynamic Client Information

The quiz and appointment solution are great, you might be tempted to wonder what happens if a client doesn’t finish the quiz before they decide to make an appointment? That’s not a problem. You’ll be able to see at a glance on their profile within the database exactly how far they made it through the quiz, and what responses they had input before they abandoned the quiz. This means that even in cases of partial completion, advisors will have a starting point during their first meeting.

Component 4 – Detailed, Individualized Reports

Each quiz result is stored with the profile of the person who submitted it, and reports are created each time a page of the quiz is filled out. This allows you to ensure that you have a good idea of what a client might need before they even arrive at their appointment and could even have a plan in place before they’ve even met their advisor. This allows appointments to be quicker, more effective, and most of all, it allows for advisors to spend more time improving their clients’ financial security over and above the initial plan.

Why SimplyCast?

Each of these components, working in tandem, allows for a clear, centralized solution. This means that you have access to client information in the same place as your emails, and as your quiz itself. Everything is managed from one central location, and all of these tools are programmed to work together.

Are you wondering where you can find a solution that will help you manage your financial health index implementation? The SimplyCast platform is a no-code platform that was designed to allow anyone to build and edit their solutions. As a result, this solution was created in the platform and is fully customizable – meaning it can be tweaked or altered to meet the exact needs of every financial institution.

SimplyCast is an ISO 27001:2013-certified company with data centers in the USA and Canada, which means we can assure you that your confidential data is safe on our secure server and the messages you transmit are completely encrypted. Our platform has the capacity to send 100,000+ messages every hour and allows 10,000+ concurrent sessions. We can also acquire additional gateways and servers if you need them.

Most importantly, we have a 99.5 percent minimum uptime. With the SimplyCast solution, you can have peace of mind. 


Don’t wait! Our experts are ready to give you a one-on-one demo to explain how the  solution works.

Simply request a demo by clicking the button below and let us show you how our solution can help you manage your Financial Health Index solution more efficiently.

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