Why Automate the Open Position Application Process?

Why Automate the Open Position Application Process?

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Open Position Application Process

When it comes time for a company to fill an open position, hiring managers and human resources teams can sometimes have their hands full. Some companies have open positions more often than others, but it is very important to have an efficient process either way. Every company should have a straightforward and effective process for managing job applications.

An automated open position application process is something that every company should use. Whether you hire five or 500 new employees each year, automating the application process will make it so much easier. Automating this process will not only make it more efficient for the company offering the position, but it will make the process easier for the applicant as well.

Manually completing the whole job application review process can take up a lot of time, especially if you have lots of applicants. SimplyCast has created an automated open position application solution that takes care of this work for you. If you’d like to more about the exact steps of this solution, check out this blog.

There are many reasons why you should be using an automated solution for your open position applications. In this blog, we will go over some of the benefits to using an automated open position application process.


The first benefit of implementing an automated open position application solution is that each applicant will follow the exact same process. When using an automated process, all candidates are screened using the same criteria.

On the other hand, when using a manual process to manage applications, there is a chance that you could use your own bias. Even if this is going on subconsciously, it can still happen. Therefore, when an automated process is used, everyone has the exact same guidelines and there is no chance for any bias or favoritism to occur.

Availability to Applicants

As we mentioned before, using an automated open position application solution benefits the applicant as well. With an automated system, the whole process begins with an online form. This form can be found via a QR code or through the company website. Anyone with a device connected to the internet can access the application form, which makes it more convenient for the applicant.


After an applicant fills out the form, they are placed into the pipeline. The pipeline includes all applicants and where they are in the application process, which makes it easy for hiring managers to review applications since everything is in one spot.

After each application is screened, the hiring manager can then decide who they want to proceed to the next round of the process. Instead of manually contacting everyone, they can simply move the candidate to the next step in the pipeline. Automated messages will then be sent out to inform each applicant if they were selected for an interview or not.

Boosted Efficiency

A manual process is much more labor intensive than an automated one. It can be very time consuming if you have to review each application and contact each individual manually. If you have many candidates apply for each position, this could be an employee’s full-time job. They would be reviewing resumes or applications and calling people to make appointments all day.

When automating your process, the system does the work for you. The hiring manager can use the pipeline to schedule appointments all while your staff is working on other important tasks.

Looking for an Automated Open Position Application Solution?

Look no further, SimplyCast has created a digital solution for managing your hiring process. The SimplyCast platform is a no-code platform that allows anyone to build and edit their solutions. As a result, the open position application solution is fully customizable, as it can be tweaked or altered to meet the exact needs of every company.

It is easy to see why your process should be automated. Making the switch to automation provides a better experience for everyone involved in the hiring process.

Click the button below to request a demo and let us show you how our solution can help you manage your open position application process more efficiently.

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