Automated Marketing Follow-up Process for Banks: Benefits

Automated Marketing Follow-up Process for Banks: Benefits

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Top 5 Benefits of an Automated Marketing Follow-up Process for Banks

Like any other organization, banks also need to drive customer-centric marketing campaigns to sell their products and services. Usually, the marketing process involves social media or search engine advertising that is followed by lead capturing via landing pages and digital forms. Then, someone from the marketing team runs an eligibility assessment to determine if a lead is qualified for a specific product/service. Once the assessment is completed, the lead is followed up with to provide further details.

Now, using a manual method to run a bank’s marketing follow-up process is not a wise decision because it takes up time and ties up resources. Also, when there are hundreds of leads signing up every day, a manual process cannot handle this load. Therefore, banks should adopt an automated solution to conduct their marketing follow-up activities.

In our blog on setting up an automated bank marketing follow-up system, we have described how to build an automated marketing solution in four easy steps.

In this blog, we are going to explain our top four perks of using an automated marketing follow-up system for banks.

1. Reduce manual work and save time

When you are using a manual process, every single task is going to be done by one of your staff. Imagine manually transferring each signed-up lead to a CRM after getting an email notification. Not only that, sending personalized thank you messages and following up manually later also requires a lot of manual labor, which is boring, repetitive, and time-consuming.

On the other hand, using an automated bank marketing follow-up system ensures that all your manual tasks are being completed by the solution. So, none of your staff members need to be tied up with these repetitive tasks and they can focus more on interacting with customers where human intervention is essential.

2. Boost brand awareness

When prospects see your ads on social media sites, they click on them and get redirected to a landing page. Now, assuming that your ads are maintaining your brand identity, you should have your landing page and other content ready as per your brand guidelines as well because you need to provide your prospects with a seamless brand experience across the board. If you are using a manual system, keeping this brand consistency in digital content – such as in landing pages and email messages is a difficult job. However, when you are using an automated solution, you can easily customize your landing page and email messages with visual elements that ensure the brand consistency. These small things might seem trivial, but they are impactful when you are boosting brand awareness.

3. Reduce communication hazards

In any manually operated two-way communication process with multiple steps, communication hazards are a big concern. Especially, when there is a large team collaborating to handle thousands of leads, a slight mistake can cause mayhem.

However, if you use an automated bank marketing follow-up system, all communication tasks follow a fixed process, and every single interaction is recorded. You do not have the risk of losing a lead because it was ignored by mistake, as you are notified every time someone signs up. Same for follow-ups. You do not need to remember to send follow-up messages to every single lead because as you mark them eligible, they will automatically receive confirmation messages. This way, there are almost zero risks for communication hazards due to the losing track of communication tasks.

4. Open doors for upselling

Why stop at only one product? Your prospect might be interested in other services you offer as well. Someone who just bought auto insurance may also be interested in home insurance. You can use various upselling tactics to boost your sales and customer engagement. For instance, when you are sending a thank you message after someone signs up via email, you can mention similar services you are offering. Maybe the lead will find those services appealing and sign up for another product. Why not take a chance?

So, there are our top four benefits!

You know the best part? You can enjoy all these perks without having to build an automated bank marketing follow-up solution from scratch. I mean, why undergo all the technical work and hassle of integrating and streamlining multiple tools? Try SimplyCast’s plug-and-play bank marketing follow-up solution instead!

We have built the solution for banks with our in-house marketing automation platform, landing page builder, digital form builder, CRM, and email marketing software. You do not have to worry about synchronizing them as they are already streamlined. The solution is super-customizable, so we can tweak it to meet your business requirements.

If you are interested in learning more, we are just a few clicks away! Book a one-on-one demo with our experts today by clicking the button below.

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