Benefits of Managing your CRM Online

Benefits of Managing your CRM Online

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Benefits of Managing your CRM Online

Contact relationship managers have become a mainstay in many businesses; an invaluable tool used to store and manage business contacts in an organized and meaningful way. Whether storing contacts in lists, in pipelines, or sorted by company, CRMs exist to help businesses manage their contact data in a way that is most useful to them.

Maintaining a CRM online gives businesses even more options when organizing and managing their contacts. Online CRMs can greatly assist with the efficiency of a business, especially when they are integrated with automated communication tools that allow businesses to easily connect with their contacts en masse.

Here are some benefits of managing a CRM online.

Central storage

Businesses can leverage the connection between an online CRM and various communication automation tools in a number of ways, however the greatest benefit of maintaining a CRM online is that all contacts are managed in a single, central location. Rather than having to maintain multiple contact databases, one for each communication tool, businesses can simply connect these tools to their online CRM and send to contacts and lists stored in the central database.

A central contact database limits the potential for duplicate contact records, out-of-date contact records, as well as records that may include typos and other errors. It provides businesses with a single source of truth when it comes to contact management, which in and of itself is a timesaver and a stress reliever.

Automated pipeline capability

While contact relationship managers are used typically for contact storage and management, online CRMs also have the potential to be great marketing tools. CRMs that include pipeline capabilities generally require manual processes for moving contacts from one stage to the next. However, when a business takes its CRM online, these pipeline capabilities explode and provide even more value.

If a CRM is connected with an automated workflow tool, businesses can easily set their contact pipelines (or funnels) to update contacts’ stages automatically by assigning a certain pipeline stage to a particular step in the automated workflow. This means that whenever a contact reaches this step in the workflow, they will automatically be moved to the associated stage in the corresponding pipeline, making it so much easier on a business’s employees who would normally have to manually ensure pipelines are kept up to date.

Automated task generation

Contact pipelines aren’t the only things that can be automated by connecting an automated workflow to a CRM online! Tasks pertaining to contacts that are required to be completed by an employee can also be generated automatically whenever the contact reaches a certain step in an automated workflow.

The way this can be done is by including an element in the automated workflow that will both generate a task and notify the assignee, as well as prevent the contact from progressing further along in the workflow until the assignee completes the associated task and resumes the contact manually. This saves employees’ time so they don’t have to constantly check the automated workflow to see where contacts are in the process and whether or not they have to intervene.

Want to learn more about managing a CRM online?

By not using an online CRM, businesses are missing out on some powerful functionality that can improve their business operations and greatly increase overall efficiency. Online CRMs actually help businesses keep their contacts and their information up to date and does this in a way that actually reduces the workload of staff instead of adding to it.

Is your business in need of an upgrade to your contact management capabilities? Do you want to see how managing your CRM online can increase both efficiency and accuracy?

Click the button below to request a one-on-one demo of SimplyCast’s online CRM solution that is already fully integrated with an all-in-one communication platform, and see just how much time and energy you can save your employees and your business in the long run.

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