Create Online Forms That Are More Than Just Signup Forms

Create Online Forms That Are More Than Just Signup Forms

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How to Create Online Forms That are More Than Just Signup Form

A common misconception about SimplyCast’s web form software is that it can only be used for forms involving a signup process. Though signup forms are very useful, you can use web forms to your advantage in other ways as well. This blog will go over how to create online forms for your website and how they can be used for more than just signup forms.

Create online forms for customer feedback

Learning how to create online forms for customer feedback is something that is very important for any company. Even if you feel like you’re doing perfectly fine, there are always things your company can improve on. This is where web forms become your friend. You can use web forms to generate customer feedback and show them that you’re listening to what they’re saying. Let’s go over a couple ways you can add a feedback forms to your website.

  1. Add a web form where a customer can rate their experience with your products or service. The most common example of this is when websites ask you to “rate your experience 1-10”. You have most likely seen this kind of web form before and used it to express your opinion on the experience you’ve had. The unfortunate thing about this type of form is that if a customer just has a mediocre experience or they didn’t feel really good or really bad about it, they are probably less likely to fill it out. The customers that didn’t enjoy their experience are very likely to fill it out, though.
  2. Add a comment box on a web form so that customers can voice their opinions or concerns. Though the 1-10 scale can sometimes be very effective, some customers would rather leave you a personalized message with details about how they felt about your service.

Use web forms for surveys

Surveys are a great way to use web forms and tend to be overlooked at times. If you want to learn more about who is using your website and what they’re looking to find, add a quick survey to find all of the information you’re looking for.

One of the best ways to add a survey to your website is to use a modal form. A modal form is a form or survey that will appear as a pop-up on your webpage. You can customize this form just like the others in SimplyCast’s web form software. You can choose if you want the survey to load automatically after a certain amount of time and adjust how long it takes for it to pop up.

Make your forms unique

Trying to make unique web forms can be a slippery slope. You want to keep your forms simple, but you also don’t want to keep them so simple that it looks dull and boring. Here are a couple ways you can customize your web forms to make them more unique.

  1. Add a unique call to action (CTA) button. A lot of web forms will simply say “Submit” at the end. A unique and explicit CTA like “Confirm your Registration” or “Book a Demo” sounds more appealing and can make your web form more interesting.
  2. Use a contrasting background colour. Using different colours in your web form can make it look more appealing. A contrasting background colour can help a lot and make your form really pop.

In summary, SimplyCast offers many form builder tools to help you separate your forms from the competition. Creating online forms for customer feedback, adding surveys, and making your web forms a bit unique are all things that have potential to attract more customers and better your company. Something that all companies should be thinking about is learning how to create online forms that are simple yet unique in their own way.

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