The Email Marketing Essentials Every Marketer Needs

The Email Marketing Essentials Every Marketer Needs

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The Email Marketing Essentials Every Marketer Needs

Anyone that gets into email marketing for either personal or business reasons should have the following in their email marketing essentials kit.

1. Email Lists

The foundation of any email, email blast, email newsletter or any form of email marketing is the email list. This is a list of contacts that an email marketer is sending the email to and can contain anywhere from a few contacts to hundreds.

There are a few ways an email marketer can get their hands on an email list. These can include:

Uploading their own contact lists into a mass emailing system: Email marketers can upload lists of their existing (opted-in) contacts to the CRM that can be used when sending email campaigns.

Obtaining new contacts by opt-in email forms or landing pages: Building targeted email lists can help improve email open and interaction rates.

Purchasing email marketing contact lists from a variety of sources: Purchasing email lists is not a permitted practice when using the SimplyCast platform as it violates our anti-spam policy.

2. Email Design

There are three elements of email design that we believe email marketers should be concerned about when creating any kind of email marketing campaign. These are:

The subject line: An email’s subject line is the first thing a recipient sees when they open their inbox and can determine whether or not an email is actually read.

The way the content is laid out in the email: Emails with organized content and that keep a good balance between images and text, have shown to see greater ROI.

The Call-To-Action (CTA): The CTA in an email is one of the most underrated sections of any email, as research has shown that email campaigns that include CTAs in their email have more higher customer engagement, which is why we strongly recommend that you include one in every email sent by you on all your email marketing endeavour.

3. Email Automation Software

Anyone who wants to stay competitive in their industry uses some kind of email software to carry out their business’s email communications, as it is extremely important to pay attention to the quality of your emails before they are being sent out.

This is clearly visible when you look at how difficult it can be to do quality control on individual emails manually, but when you use an email marketing tool like SimplyCast that has all the email marketing essentials, you can automate this process and control the exact look and feel of all of your email campaigns.

4. Email Frequency

Finding the right balance between your email timing and frequency is fundamental for any kind of email marketing campaign. It is important to create some kind of schedule for when you want to send each of your emails so that you can space out each post, and your clients/prospect clients also get enough time to analyze the information.

Planning out your email frequency has many added benefits. We believe that using an email marketing tool such as SimplyCast, will help you maximize on the rewards from fine-tuning your email frequency.

5. Email Testing

Being able to draft and test an email campaign before officially sending it can be extremely helpful, as it can help with bug fixing and quality control. Email testing can also take a different approach – email testing can be used to collect valuable marketing data such as customer preferences by sending out multiple batches of email campaigns to an email list and comparing the statistics on how the recipients responded to the campaign. This data can be used to ensure future email marketing campaigns are fully optimized.

Need more information?

SimplyCasts email marketing software is fully equipped with the latest email marketing essentials that you need to create effective and engaging email campaigns.

Interested in email marketing with SimplyCast? Click the button below to request a demo of the solution and a member of our SimplyCast team will be more than happy to help you!

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