Embarrassed by Your Mass Email Software Skills? Help

Embarrassed by Your Mass Email Software Skills? Help

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Are You Embarrassed By Your Mass Email Software Skills? We Can Help

Tired of watching you and your team struggle all day to use mass email software? Looking to improve your email marketing experience for you and those around you? Well, we’ve got solutions for you!

What are some of the available options?

  • Additional training: Most mass email software requires some kind of coding knowledge and if you don’t have the required knowledge to operate the software successfully, training might become mandatory so you can improve your ability to carry out any tasks. In most circumstances, providing additional training to employees can be a costly procedure, which is why smaller businesses tend to miss out on this opportunity.
  • Hire new employees: For most businesses, hiring new, experienced employees is not always possible as the hiring process is quite time consuming; not to mention it can become quite expensive to add more personnel to your payroll.
  • Upgrade your marketing software: Finding an email marketing program that not only helps your business stay competitive but can also be used without having to put your team through extensive training is not as easy as you would think.

Luckily for you, our team at SimplyCast understands the struggles people might have when dealing with their current mass emailing software – especially since most programs require its users to have some kind of coding background to use the program effectively, which is why we created SimplyCast’s email marketing solution just for you!

Here’s our recommendation!

The email marketing software developed by our SimplyCast team allows its users to create smart, simple, and sophisticated email marketing campaigns with little to no coding knowledge required.

These email campaigns will not only grab your audience's attention but they will also help drive traffic to your business’s website and help increase consumer engagement.

Why should you use SimplyCast’s mass emailing software?

Here are just some of the many things you can do using SimplyCast’s email marketing tools.

  • Produce stunning emails within seconds: Utilize the rich library of pre-built email templates to make personalizing your emails so much more time-efficient.
  • Organize email campaigns with ease: Take advantage of our email automation platform, so that you can save the time and effort you would spend manually sending out mass emails, and put it into more important or time-sensitive projects.
  • Plan for the future: With the help of our mass emailing software, you can schedule your email blasts to be sent out in the future without having to be beside your workstation pressing “Send” at the right time.
  • Work anywhere, at any time: Since the SimplyCast platform is able to be used on mobile devices, you can design and send out emails from the comfort of any room your choose to work from.

Sign up with SimplyCast and join the many existing users across the globe who face all their marketing and communication-related problems with the help of a SimplyCast solution.

Need more information?

Do you have any more questions about SimplyCast’s email marketing solution? Well, head on over to the SimplyCast FAQ page or check out this blog, and you will be sure to find the answers you’re looking for!

Interested in email marketing with SimplyCast? Click the button below to request a demo of the solution and a member of our SimplyCast team will be more than happy to help you discover how to simplify your mass emailing!

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