EmergHub: Improve Military Emergency Communications

EmergHub: Improve Military Emergency Communications

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Military Emergency Communications

On any given day, the military needs a strong, multi-faceted communication system for both on and off the field. When a crisis occurs — such a severe one that military intervention or assistance is required — the need for communication is especially vital.

This is where emergency management software comes in. It is important to manage all resources on hand with speed and efficiency since there will likely be a lot to do in a short amount of time. Using a combination of emergency management tools, you can coordinate with responders on and off the field, gather intelligence quickly, and more to minimize damage as much as possible during an emergency.

Automate Command Center Operations

The goal of an emergency management command center is to direct people and resources, not only to prevent incidents but also to minimize damages should an incident occur. In this sense, Command Hub is like a digital command center.

The Command Hub dashboard shows everything you need for emergency management and communications on one customizable screen, including reports on messages sent and responses received as well as a live feed displaying every new event as it occurs. These reports act effectively as both situation reports and progress reports to help you plan the course of action as new events occur.

You can also adjust the layout of each dashboard and save multiple event templates, making it easy to address specific issues that each incident brings.

Coordinate with First Responders

Military personnel may be called to assist in situations so severe that local first responders can't handle the situation on their own. Personnel may then step in to help first responders on the scene, arrange rotating shifts with first responders, or move around frequently to help wherever help is needed.

This is where Recall and OnCall come in handy. As soon as first responders determine the need to call in the military for backup, they can use the Recall tool to contact military personnel via voice, email, SMS, and fax messages. Members contacted can then respond on the spot before getting organized and making their way over to the scene.

But how will first responders know who to contact? The answer is in the OnCall tool. Use OnCall to track scheduled shifts and how many personnel are available for each. You can then use the calendar view to check any given shift at a glance for the number of personnel available, as well as automatically contact on-call personnel as you need them.

Collect Intelligence Through Surveys

During a crisis, it may be necessary for the military to gather intelligence on the affected area and make decisions accordingly. For example, it will be important to know hospital bed availability in local facilities, when to restock on medical supplies or other supplies, or whether a certain area is running low on responders and requires further assistance.

Choose between open-ended and multiple choice Live Surveys to get the answers you need from first responders and civilians alike. Send surveys over email, SMS, or voice to get as many responses in a short amount of time as possible.

Survey responses are stored in the EmergHub system and can be viewed at a later date using Reports. This means that Live Surveys are not only useful at the moment but, depending on the questions asked and responses received, they can be a valuable resource for future intelligence-gathering efforts.

Strengthen your Military Communications with EmergHub

Curious about Command Hub, Recall, OnCall, Live Survey or any other EmergHub tool? Getting all the information you need is easy! Just complete this form and select as many EmergHub tools as you want to learn about, and you will receive information tailored to your selections.

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