Rally teams of qualified professionals to respond to an emergency as soon as possible.

Quickly assemble teams of qualified professionals to respond to a crisis as soon as possible. Recall functions over existing telecommunication networks, allowing recipients of the recall to respond to the message via voice, SMS, or email.


Notify team members of an emergency through EmergHub’s Recall feature and request that they answer the recall and attend the scene of the emergency.


Customize your recall message or use a pre-made template, and set the required of number of responders on a recall-by-recall basis.


View reports detailing who responded and their specialties to determine which types of responders are lacking, or mark the recall complete to prevent an excessive number of responders.

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EmergHub is a fully-customizable platform, built to work for any possible emergency scenario. From snowstorms and forest fires to mass shootings and everything in between, EmergHub is ready.

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