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Rally required teams, set responder types, and ensure you have
the right skills to respond to an incident as soon as possible.

Quickly Assemble Your Team

Find people with the right skills to respond to an incident.

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The staff call-out solution for you

Getting additional helping hands during an emergency is a common scenario. However, staff recall is done manually in most of the cases, which requires lots of time and effort. Recalling staff manually also creates confusion and communication hazards. 

SimplyCast’s Recall Solution helpautomate the staff recall process and allows you to assemble teams in the fastest way possible. Recall functions over existing telecommunication networks, allowing recipients of the recall to respond to the message via voice, SMS, or email. 

Customize your own recall message to send out to contacts. You also can send a quick recall using a pre-made template. Set the expiry of the recall and the required number of contacts needed. 

SimplyCast’s Recall tool is easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use our software.  

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Once you send out the recall, you are provided with reports detailing who responded and their specialties, allowing you to determine which types of resources you are lacking or mark the recall complete to prevent an excessive number of responses.

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