Gym Marketing Campaigns to Get More Clients Today

Gym Marketing Campaigns to Get More Clients Today

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The fitness industry is highly competitive and it is challenging to maintain customer loyalty. Many customers drop off after a few sessions at the gym, and other clients simply switch from gym to gym depending on where they find the best deals each season. In order to gain new clients and keep your clients coming back, you need to offer them something unique. You need to keep them motivated and on track toward their personal goals so they will return for more sessions. You need to build a personal relationship and offer benefits that make your gym more attractive than the competition. Here are a few gym marketing campaigns to get more clients to your facility.

7 Gym Marketing Campaigns to Try Today

Offer Corporate Wellness Initiatives

Having a group of other like-minded people to work out with helps keep gym-goers motivated. Go to local offices and hand out promotional offers only available through the workplace. Discounted rates are always a good incentive to get people interested. Offering a corporate gym membership promotion rate entices new groups of people to visit the gym.

Provide a landing page where new corporate clients can sign up for email updates and learn more information about the gym and your fitness services.

Run Promotions on Social Media

Social media is a great place to connect with new clients. Promotions and contests are some of the most popular posts on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Consider running a seasonal promotion or contest to get people interested. Use hashtags and follow fitness trends for maximum reach and impact. Automate your social media management for maximum efficiency.

"What are your fitness goals for this year? Whoever has the best story will win one year of free yoga classes! #NewYearsResolutions." Or: "New clients who use the code 'Bikini Bod' will get a 20% discount off of the summer class of their choice."

Hold Charity Competitions

Showing your involvement in your local community makes your gym stand out from the others. Set up a simple online signup form that participants can use to register quickly and easily. The competition may be a group event or may include single participants. A percentage of each entry fee will go to the local charity of your choice.

The competition may be an obstacle course, a race or a strength test. The winner(s) receive a free membership to your gym or a similar prize.

Advertise Your New Hot Workouts

Keep an eye on fitness trends and offer new workouts while they're still fresh. Market these new workouts to clients and new leads through automated social media updates and in email newsletters. Many new clients come in because they get interested in new workouts that they have heard about on social media or on TV. Advertising these new workouts that are available at your gym and providing social media updates for these new classes are more good ideas to get more clients coming in.

Run Promotions with Other Local Businesses

Partner up with businesses around your gym in order to make gym membership more appealing. Offer a coupon for a free pair of yoga pants at the local sports clothes store if the person completes a one-month yoga class. Promotions like this drive business to the local community core and give people a greater incentive to take advantage of the offer.

Send Automated Reminders to Clients

Clients lose track of when their last gym visit was. For clients who have not worked out in a while, a timely automated reminder lets them know that they're due for a gym visit. Text messages are more likely to be opened than emails. Personalized reminders keep clients loyal and engaged.

Run a Refer a Friend Program

A couple of other ideas to get more clients are marketing your gym through word of mouth and referrals. Friends will refer new potential clients to your gym, especially if they receive an incentive. The incentive for the "Refer a Friend" program could be a free class, a discount on personal trainer services or a similar fitness coupon.

Manage Gym Marketing Campaigns and Communication Seamlessly

What is the best way to manage all your email communications, text message coupons, social media promotions, online signup forms, and marketing campaigns efficiently? An automated all-in-one gym marketing solution keeps all your information in one place. It's easy to use, and the automation capabilities save you time.

Are you trying to do your gym marketing campaigns with one or two people or a very small team? Automation is invaluable to make the most of your time and resources. Automate all your communication and marketing. 

For even more ideas to get more clients coming to your gym, be sure to contact us! Our friendly customer care team is here to give you a demo and answer your questions. Click the button below to request a demo!

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