Is Your Marketing Efficient Enough?

Is Your Marketing Efficient Enough?

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Is Your Marketing Efficient Enough

If you're reading this it likely means you want to make your marketing more efficient. And, lucky for you, there is a plethora of different technologies available to help you do so. However, with so many different options available to you, how can you be sure you are selecting the platform that best suits your needs?

Ideally, the marketing technology you select to aid in your marketing efficiency improvements should be customizable to your needs, but also provide you with optimized campaigns and ideas.

For example, SimplyCast 360, SimplyCast's communication automation platform, provides you with a workspace where you can create customized campaigns such as:

SimplyCast takes campaign creation one step further by providing templates to its users that are tried, tested, and optimized to provide results. Campaign Templating is a helpful asset for people just starting out with marketing automation who may not know exactly where to start, as well as for people experienced with marketing automation who are just looking for a new idea.

Further, SimplyCast extends Campaign Templating to its partners and their platforms. Through SimplyCast's White Label Reseller Program, partners can rebrand SimplyCast's technology and offer it under their own brand. This provides organizations with an additional revenue stream by being able to offer new marketing technology to their clients without having to build the platform from scratch.

And, Campaign Templating is there to help White Label partners deploy whole campaigns across multiple accounts.

Essentially, SimplyCast provides a library of campaign templates to its direct users as well as its White Label partners. Then, the partners select which campaigns to offer to their own clients. As well, they have the option to create their own templates and offer them directly to their own users.

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