Landing Page Tools to Increase Engagement During COVID-19

Landing Page Tools to Increase Engagement During COVID-19

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The Best Landing Page Tools to Increase Engagement During COVID-19

At the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic in 2020, companies had to quickly learn how to convert to communication methods and practices dependent on the absence of in-person transactions. This new way of business has now become the new norm for many of these companies, and companies must be able to keep up with the quick changes in health restrictions and protocols. Failure to keep up with and adapt to the ever-changing market and requirements could result in the plummeting of awareness for your company.  Awareness is invaluable for any company and should be held in the highest regard, and the ability to be able to digitize your marketing and communication efforts can go along way to ensure you are able to stay at the top of your customers’ minds.

Landing pages are a great way to enhance awareness of your company, and there are specific tools for building landing pages that have proven to exponentially grow company awareness and relationships. Here are some of the best landing page tools available.

Landing page forms

Adding forms is one of the most relevant ways to enhance a landing page because the main goal of forms is to create a relationship with your viewer, by creating a signup of some kind. Whether it be email, SMS, or site membership, the form tool can be easily tweaked to get your desired message across and start building bridges with your site's community.

Through the form application, you may choose to have an immediate message go out to the viewer whenever they submit their information. This quick access gives your company the ability to send a personalized pitch to your audience in order to create strong and growing relationships.

Drag and drop

Do you wish to give further information about your company to your viewer via your landing page? Drag and drop functionality is one of the best landing page tools to use to configure an “About Us” section on your landing page to help visitors learn a bit about you! This section could include your company vision, what your company has to offer to the viewer, providing COVID-19 delivery information, or any other details, etc.

Custom domains

Using a custom domain for your landing page will boost your company site’s credibility and enhance your company’s SEO representation. Don’t fall behind your industry competition by not creating a consistent brand and image, which is where custom domains can help. Associating your pages with your company’s custom domain will increase consistency between your landing page and the rest of your site and instill a sense of trust with your viewers.


Again, you can use the form application in conjunction with your landing page to help establish contact with your audience. However, you can then strengthen that relationship through personalized and targeted follow up communications assisted through the implementation of marketing automation tools. Personalized messages increase client interaction and exchanges.

If your company’s goal with landing pages, for example, is to sell a product, these automatic follow-ups can streamline the buying cycle. Creating personalized and targeted communication strategies to your audience will increase revenue and company credibility by pinpointing exactly what your viewers need and how your company can satisfy them.

Payment options

SimplyCast's Landing Page channel provides an in-page payment tool. This PayPal tool makes payment transactions easy and fast for your audience. Don’t scare off or discourage your page’s traffic  and purchase intent with complicated payment options that require too much time and consideration. Having a direct payment option on your page like PayPal will boost your page’s will assist with increasing revenue and building trust.

Combining all of these tools in your company’s landing page design is sure to increase conversions and form strong relationships, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the link below to request a one-on-one demo of the Landing Page Generator, which provides you with all of these tools and more!

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