Recruiting Email Automation Can Help Your Strategies: 5

Recruiting Email Automation Can Help Your Strategies: 5

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Recruiting Email Automation

With the trend in recruitment strategies shifting to a place where hiring companies are expected to be innovative and engaging, does recruiting email automation have a place in this changing industry? It very much does. Here are five ways marketing automation can be used with great effectiveness. Just because the recruitment industry is changing, it doesn't mean tried and true methods should be stripped away. These methods are proven to work on a larger scale.

Start on Social Media

1. Social media automation. Typically, you'll see recruiting firms operating solely from their own web page, and using the mass-resume email technique. Imagine as a recruiter being able to verify necessary skills, spread the word about new positions and engage your clients at the same time. Social media isn't just about offering updates. You can post brain teasers, social media exclusive positions, or even share links to skill-testing games and puzzles. This allows the recruiter, by using recruiting email automation, to engage the people who want those jobs most, and narrow down the best fit for the position. As an added bonus, that recruiting firm looks better to the public, because they make an extra effort to be a part of the community.

Keep Candidates Updated with SMS Notifications

2. Send out SMS updates when a job in a given field is available. Almost every person with a cell phone has an unlimited texting plan and it's a perfect point of contact for quick updates telling potential candidates that jobs have been added to their fields. This will increase the recruitment site traffic, since people tend to forget to check things and the reminders will also make them curious as to the exact nature of the new position. To boot, this also raises the exposure of other jobs that they might be considering, since they'll be right there anyway, so why not check that one they weren't quite sure about? And text message reminders will almost certainly reach them no matter where they are.

Give Your Campaign a Voice

3. Use voice campaigns to notify people of appointments, remind them via text message and email. When you want to set up a group scenario to assess potential candidates, why not have calls sent out to all of them with a prerecorded message? This frees you up to prepare for that assessment, or perhaps even perform other duties that may lead to more candidates, allowing you to connect more people with the right businesses.

Ask Questions Via Surveys

4. Use continued survey contact to collect data on the businesses you connect people to. Having data from people who were candidates and now actually work for a company can be used to draw in willing and able applicants. By sending out surveys at the beginning, middle and end of a given contract, you can collect data on the kind of work being done, the quality of life at work, and the culture of the workplace. By supplying text boxes for added information, you can gather information about virtually every aspect of a workplace and use that information to draw in new potential candidates.

Using Tracking Data With Marketing Automation

5. Utilize the tracking data that comes along with marketing automation. Most automation products come with a good deal of tracking data, from what actions are taken with emails to how many people viewed a specific landing page to the social media information of your followers such as age and gender demographics. This data can be used to help you shift your focus, or even send out targeted messages based on specific demographic information or what actions they took with your message. This helps you target and personalize your messages, while still automating the process. In addition, it gives you an idea of where to look when you want to move forward.

These five tips illustrate clearly that marketing automation and recruiting email automation is still needed in the recruitment industry, and opens new strategies and possibilities. The right multi-channel marketing platform will allow you to take old strategies and turn them on their heads while also trying all sorts of new and creative approaches using recruiting email automation. Always remember, though, that you need to be able to monitor and alter the content going out based on customer response. The platform isn't what makes you succeed, it's what you do with that platform. A final suggestion is to be sure that your platform can do more than one thing. Your strategy needs to be versatile, and your automation platform should be too.

These tips should help you incorporate automation into your older strategies, allowing you more time to work on new and innovative ways to connect candidates with the right company for them, and put prime employees in the positions that companies need filled. Best of luck in your ventures, and we hope to see you soon!

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