Maximize Tourism Revenue All Year With Marketing Automation

Maximize Tourism Revenue All Year With Marketing Automation

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Maximize Tourism Revenue

Tourism is traditionally known as a seasonal industry in parts of the world that have both warm and cold climates. With people more willing, or more apt, to travel in the warmer months, most tourism operators either slow down or close completely in the slow, winter months. However, operators can utilize marketing automation to smoothen the transition between on and off seasons and attract visitors to their destination during times of low-traffic.

Identify the type of traveler

Think of your destination and the types of travelers you typically receive. Chances are that you probably don't know what your visitors will be interested in before they arrive. Marketing automation allows you to learn about potential visitors before they even decide on your destination. Knowing this information allows you to tailor your marketing to automatically appeal to that specific traveler's interests. Being able to recognize and identify your individual travelers is a massive asset that will allow you to broaden your target market while still offering more specific information to each individual.

Target a global market

Billboards, TV ads, and radio announcements are a great way to get the word out to your audience locally or even nationally, but what about all the potential leads that live globally? International travelers are looking for new experiences, too — they just need to know you're an option. Engage this audience by communicating with them online, learning about their online behaviors with your website, and offering them the same information you offer your leads closer to home. Using marketing automation means that you can send messages to a global audience in their local time zone without needing to stay up all night to do it, and it allows them to be engaged at the time and with the communication method that is right for them.

Have a presence on social media

When you have constant day-to-day tasks to complete, adding social media into the mix seems like just too much. Luckily, you can have a strong social media presence without adding any extra work to your daily load by using marketing automation to schedule your Facebook posts and tweets. Having a presence on these sites allows you to be where leads already are. If they're looking for you online, chances are they're going to look on social media.

If you're ready to see how marketing automation can help your travel destination attract new travelers and keep them coming back, sign up for a free 14-day trial of SimplyCast 360.

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