Multi-Channel Communication for Medical Practices

Multi-Channel Communication for Medical Practices

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Communication for Medical Practices

Whether it's appointment reminders for patients, aftercare instructions to a caregiver after surgery, or internal notifications within departments, communication is an essential part of offering sound medical care, and medical practices want to have processes and systems in place to manage all forms of communication.

As more and more channels become available, it important that medical practices are able to take these channels and improve their service and communication for patients — both internally and externally.

Connect over multiple channels


Using fax is a great way to safely and securely communicate with other medical clients. Send sensitive documents over a secure line and easily sign and send back paperwork.

Fax is made even easier through the use of online fax software. Just upload your files into the system and send online.


When communicating with patients, they likely use an email address for regular communication. Get their attention by sending personalized information and reminders to their inbox.

Email is a staple in online communication and is the perfect channel to easily provide aftercare instructions.


Just about everyone now has a cellphone or a smartphone of some kind. Quickly connect with staff or patients through the one device they always have on them.

SMS messaging lets you send a quick, 140-character message to your contacts to let them know of upcoming appointments, closures, and more.

Do more with SimplyCast

With SimplyCast 360, you get access to fax, email, SMS, and more communication tools to help you engage your patients and organize your internal communication. Increase your outreach to communicate with patients on their preferred method of communication automatically. Limit wasted time for doctors by sending appointment reminders one week, one day, and one hour before hand. Ensure staff members are on time with shift reminders.

SimplyCast 360 allows you to send targeted communication regarding any criteria about your clients. You even have the ability to automatically send a fax at the same time as an email or SMS goes out. Harness the power of communication automation to optimize patient engagement and streamline internal processes.

Interested in learning more about how SimplyCast can help your medical practice? Sign up for a free 14-day trial. 

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