Optimize Event Planning with Landing Pages

Optimize Event Planning with Landing Pages

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Optimize Event Planning With Event Landing Pages

With 2021 comes the hope of vaccines, strategic recovery, and a gradual return to a more social environment. However, the global attitude towards conducting business in person has dropped. Over the past year every business has had to adapt to survive in one way or another. Internal information has had to up cyber protection strategies, more meetings are taking place over phone and via video call software, and interactions with potential customers are now primarily over the internet.

You may be thinking: “Sweet! I can stay in my pyjamas all day and not have to worry about interacting with clients!” but, contain your excitement because there are still plenty of client interactions that need to be managed and supported, even while working remotely. Online events are becoming more and more popular as a way to maintain client connections.

Don’t let your events fall apart due to unforeseen COVID-19 restrictions, lack of awareness, and little to no feedback from your audience. Event landing pages and landing page software can help you to counteract all of these issues, move your events online, and much more.

Landing page software is starting to be greater explored through the digital marketing environments. This software allows businesses to generate one-off web pages for viewers that can easily be changed or modified to tailor to a specific audience. For companies working to generate sales, these pages can include quick and easy-to-use payment options for the product or service being sold. Don’t fall behind your competition by not taking advantage of this awesome tool.

How to create an event landing page

So, you have an event. You need a way to get the word out to your desired audience and create a system of tracking attendance and engagement. Luckily, this is not as hard as it sounds. SimplyCast provides landing page software than can be tailored to your event’s vision with just a few clicks. These pages can be personalized to encourage engagement and interaction whilst maintaining a strong platform to encourage web traffic and brand awareness for your company.

Begin creating your event landing page by adding features such textboxes to provide a pitch or summary to the audience in order to create conversions. Conversions are essentially interactions with your site, whether through signups, CTA buttons, or allowing notifications.

Since your ideal conversion for your event is to get viewers to sign up, you may want to include a registration form on your landing page. This feature allows for the collection of contact information from viewers which gets stored in a central database. Once this information has been collected, you can easily send follow-up notifications by email, SMS, or otherwise. For event planning, you may wish to include in your form an RSVP option – essentially holding a place for the person at said event.

During COVID-19, every event planning industry has had to keep in mind the capacity limit for the event space, if the event is to be held in person and not online. Because of this, it is highly recommended to encourage feedback on attendance expectations in order to plan ahead for any unforeseen inconveniences.

As companies gravitate toward digitization, event landing pages have become a more popular way to increase attention to company events (whether online or in person) and even help event planners coordinate said events.

The landing page software provided by SimplyCast has all the tools and more that you need in order to plan and gain attention to your next event.

Request a demo of the software today and see how landing pages are the perfect tool for your event planning needs.

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