How to Personalize Your Voice Broadcasting Messages

How to Personalize Your Voice Broadcasting Messages

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How to Personalize Your Voice Broadcasting Messages

The voice (or telephone) channel presents interesting challenges with respect to marketing automation. The reason this channel carries aspects of intrigue and complexity is because you need to figure out how to best employ voice broadcasting software to reach each unique member of your audience. Your voice broadcasts can reach members of different age groups, ethnic backgrounds, income levels, geographical locations, ideologies, and more.

With SimplyCast’s no code automated voice marketing solution, users can very easily personalize their voice broadcasts to appeal to the varying members of their contact groups. The highlighting aspect of our voice channel is that in order to use the channel the user does not require prior computer programming, coding, or computer science knowledge. This is a great start to combatting an already challenging environment of such a diverse audience.

Businesses that develop and launch voice broadcasts using automation software are able to do so effectively in a few ways.

By providing valuable and necessary information to their contacts: Providing relevant information helps engage contacts better since the information they are receiving is based on the contacts’ needs and wants, rather than superfluous information they do not care about.

By delivering the voice broadcast in a timely manner, automatically: By this, we mean the broadcast is sent at a time that makes sense with the information being provided and at a time where you audience is most likely to engage with it.

By effectively personalizing voice messages to increase engagement with your content: If the contact feels the message is meant for them, rather than that they are receiving it as a mass message, they will be much more likely to interact with the campaign.

More on personalization

Personalizing your messages in an easy and effective way to increase contact engagement with your voice broadcasts. Personalization is something that is often overlooked by users of voice broadcasting and voice marketing software. Creating an effective voice broadcast requires more than just writing a mass, generic message and sending it to your contact lists. As the message creator you need to keep in mind contacts’ wants, needs, and desires to improve the overall performance of your voice campaigns and personalizing messages is an effective way to do so.

There are a few basic ways to introduce personalization into your campaign. For example, you could address each contact with a greeting or term that could apply to the group as a whole or you may also choose to greet each person individually using the personalization tools available with your voice marketing software.

Here are a few other personalization ideas to keep in mind for your next voice broadcast.

  • Be conversational. If you want each message recipient to feel connected and engaged, the voice broadcast needs to sound like its coming from an engaging person. Be warm, welcoming, candid, and don’t be afraid to include wit or humor if your broadcast calls for it.
  • Include personalized information specific to each recipient: When you are using text-to-speech to create your voice broadcast, you can use merge tags in your message content to personalize the message to each individual recipient – for example, a “name” merge tag will automatically be replaced by a contact’s name when they receive the message.
  • Welcome feedback from your contacts. This offers them a chance to interact and engage with your voice broadcast further while making the broadcasts more effective in the future with help from the feedback. Call-to-action statements make contacts feel welcomed to not only interact with your company but be a part of its future growth.
  • Stay away from addressing the contact group as a “group.” Doing this counteracts any other personalization techniques you may have included in your voice broadcast. Luckily, it is also a very easy thing to avoid if you are aware of how it belittles any personalization strides you are trying to take. The point of personalizing voice broadcasts is to increase contacts’ feelings of specialness, not to make them feel like just another person in a crowd.

These are just a few examples of personalization techniques you can try to include in your voice broadcast, although there are obviously more avenues you can take as well. The bottom line is that it would be a waste of resources to not even try to personalize your voice broadcasts, as personalization can only provide your company with increased engagement.

Want to learn more?

If you need some insight in the creation of your voice broadcasts, personalization techniques, or use case examples - or just have some questions you would like answered check out this blog!

Be sure to also request a demo of SimplyCast’s Voice Broadcasting application and our team can help you out on the way to creating your first personalized voice broadcast!   

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