Be Ready for Leads with Inbound Marketing Automation

Be Ready for Leads with Inbound Marketing Automation

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Inbound Marketing Automation

Is your sales team having trouble keeping up with leads? Inbound marketing automation could be the answer.

Every day your sales team is grinding away trying to connect with new leads while responding to requests for more information. They rock – there is no doubt about that!

Despite their best efforts however, they keep hitting walls – whether it's contacts who are not interested or sending messages and making phone calls that get no reply.

The worst part? They get so involved with offering premium service to new clients as requests come in that potential customers fall into the digital pit know as their email inbox.

If this sounds familiar – don't be alarmed, we aren't psychic! We do, however, recognize how this problem can hinder your sales team. That's why we've got your inbound marketing automation solution!

Never lose contact

Marketing automation helps your team nurture and connect with new leads as they come in as soon as they reach out so you're always ready for buyers.

By using marketing automation planning, you can create flows that automatically send thank you emails and contact information of your sales representatives as soon as someone submits their information. By using marketing automation implementation, you can create drip campaigns that send potential leads timed, personalized messages and articles so your relationship never goes cold. When they're ready, they can easily find and contact you and reach out. The best part? Your sales team doesn't have to lift a finger. It's all done automatically, allowing sales to focus on hot leads while other potential customers don't feel frozen out.

Create forms and profiles

Now - how are you going to get their information so you can use this inbound marketing automation tactic? Unfortunately, ‘Contact Us' pages don't cut it anymore.

Instead, use inbound marketing automation generated forms on your website that provide access to whitepapers, service guides, product brochures and much more. Not only does this provide value for the information being exchanged, but all of the information submitted should be compiled in your CRM so you can begin building a lead profile. You can follow a potential customer as they look at your product offerings, select the ones they are interested in, and get a notification when they download a FAQ sheet or pricing document about it.

Track known and anonymous leads

But what about those leads that come onto your site, click around, but never submit a form? The ones window shopping your product and doing their research before they reach out.

Just because they are anonymous does not mean they can't be tracked. Using link tracking software, you can tag IP addresses and see what hyperlinks on your site are receiving the most clicks. When the contact does sign up, their information is matched to their IP addresses and the data is compiled in one complete profile. Not only does this allow you to enter an inbound sale ready with the information they want, but you get a head-start in building a strong relationship.

Outfit your team with inbound marketing automation

While these ideas may seem like science fiction, they're real and SimplyCast can provide the tools needed to take your inbound marketing strategy to the next level. Just like our automation software, we're always at the ready – contact us our sales team at 1-866-323-6572 ext. 1 for more information or send an email to

Your inbound marketing team (and bottom line!) will thank you - sign up for a free 14 day trial today!

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