Why Retail Stores Should Use an Emergency Response System

Why Retail Stores Should Use an Emergency Response System

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Why Retail Stores Should be Using an Emergency Response System

Operating a retail store can be a difficult process at times. Retail store managers have a ton of responsibilities since there is so much that goes into their operations. A lot of these operations can be streamlined if you use the right automation software.

If you have many employees, it can be hard to manage certain situations when things come up. In this blog, we will go over how to use our emergency response system, Recall, to streamline some of your communications with employees.

Sick calls

One of the most useful ways that Recall can be used in a retail store is for when employees call in sick. In most cases, when employees call in sick, it’s up to the managers to then figure out how they are going to get enough staff to be able to effectively operate. This usually consists of managers individually calling other employees to try and get the shift covered. Calling each employee individually can take lots of time and will take time away from managers where they could be working on other tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an automated system that can take care of all of this for you? Well, there is one and it’s called Recall.

How does Recall work?

Recall is one of SimplyCast’s emergency communication software tools. Recall campaigns are created to send out a mass recall notice to a group of contacts. After the message is sent, responders will be prompted to send an answer to clarify whether they are able to attend or not. If you’d like to learn more about the logistics of our Recall software, download the user guide.

Why use Recall?

Using Recall for retail operations is something that not a lot of companies think of. When you think of emergency communication software for staff, the first thing that probably comes to mind is it being used for understaffed hospitals or if there is a dangerous emergency. But this isn’t always the case. Recall is a very versatile tool and can be used in lots of different scenarios. There are two main reasons why retail stores should be using an emergency response system in their operations.

1. The first reason for using Recall is that it can help managers focus on other tasks. It isn’t uncommon to have multiple staff members call in sick on the same day. If you use an emergency response system, none of the management staff have to worry about contacting each employee individually to get the shift covered.

For situations like sick calls, there is a very useful feature within the recall software that you should be using: pre-created messages. Pre-created messages will make the process a lot easier since you can think of any scenario and create a recall message to fit that situation. For example, you can create a recall message for every possible shift time and length so that all you have to do is choose which message to send to an employee when someone else calls in sick.

2. The other reason why you should use an emergency response system like Recall is that it makes you more comfortable with the software. If you use Recall in situations that aren’t necessarily an urgent emergency, then you will be more comfortable using the software when there is an actual emergency.

Ready to consider Recall?

All in all, an emergency response system is something that a lot of retailers should consider using. Not only can using Recall save time for managers, but it can help prepare you for real emergencies as well. Using an emergency response system is most commonly known to be used for things like hospitals, but the software can also be a very useful resource for retailers.

Click the button below to request a demo of SimplyCast’s Recall software to see how it can help your retail store today!

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