Streamline Sales with Inbound Marketing Automation

Streamline Sales with Inbound Marketing Automation

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Inbound Marketing Automation

We've got some bad news: if you're not using inbound marketing automation, you've fallen behind the pack.

Every day you have countless, anonymous visitors being pulled to your site through every source you can imply from social media to blogs, digital ads, and more. You have impressive traffic pouring onto multiple pages but just how many of those clicks are translating into sales?

Consider the following questions:

  • Are leads signing up to receive information?
  • How do you connect with them?
  • What are they interacting with on your website?
  • Are you keeping in contact with information or just letting their email fall into an ocean of leads?

If you can't answer all of them, then you need to overhaul your inbound marketing strategy and we're going to show you can with inbound marketing automation.

Engage Leads with More than Welcome Emails

The moment a lead signs up to download a whitepaper, book a demo, or provide you an email for a trial, follow up contact needs to be immediate and concise. If the only message your leads get after signing up is ‘Thank you, talk soon' then you're not doing enough.

By using inbound marketing automation, you can automatically place leads into drip campaigns that can give them insight into specific topics relevant to their needs. Contact never stops, the lead doesn't forget your name and you are able to provide them with information that establishes how you are the solution they need.

Tag and Track Interests

There are plenty of ways to see where leads are going on your site from website analytics to downloads and link clicks, but are you putting this data to use? More often then not, organizations know how to use this data to optimize their website yet stop there when so much more can be done.

With web tracking software, you can generate shortened links and place them on web pages to track both known and anonymous leads as they move around your web pages. Based on their behavior, you can tag and score them so you can easily reach out to leads that haven't picked up the phone and start a conversation instantly with information relevant to them. You're an expert on their issue before they even tell you it, with all the data stored in a central CRM.

Score Their Engagement

As you start using more campaigns and flows with your inbound marketing automation platform, you're going to see what leads are most engaged with your content. You can do this manually by matching email open rates with leads emails, but if you're checking across a 10+ email campaign, that is a lot of time not answering calls.

With SimplyCast 360, all of the campaigns you create can automatically score and report on what leads are clicking on every email and link. Using the same software you use to create campaigns, you can have a list of generated contacts for your sales team to call and close. For those with lower rates of engagement, you can quickly see what emails they did find interesting and target further from there.

Close Deals Faster

Inbound marketing automation makes it easy for you pull in, track, score, and close deals all-in-one platform. Whether it's tracking anonymous leads, engaging contacts with drip campaigns, tagging their interests, or scoring engagement, your sales team only needs one tool to do it all. Using these tools combined, sales cycles can be shortened and inbound teams can be empowered with the information they need to speak to any lead's needs and provide your solution.

Start Using Inbound Marketing Automation Today

Ready to give your inbound marketing team the ultimate tool to streamline their sales process? Sign up today for a free 14-day trial or call our sales team at 1-866-323-6572 ext. 1 for a guided look at what SimplyCast can do for you.

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