Mass Warning and Notification System for Cyber Security

Mass Warning and Notification System for Cyber Security

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Improve Cyber Security With a Mass Warning and Notification System

With COVID-19 came a influx of online and cloud communication software, however there is simply not enough awareness given to the mass hacking and cyber security breaches that came with this. As more companies convert to a digitized format, with this should be the implementation and practice of increased security procedures. Those found working in the cyber security industry will know this to be 100 percent true; time is of the essence. Fifteen minutes could be the difference between the saving or downfall of a business. Thankfully, SimplyCast provides a mass warning and notification system to efficiently and effectively get in touch with recipients.

As the online world grows in business, so does the risk of cyber-attacks. Don’t fail your business by not staying current and up to date in the cyber security world. Falling behind the competition (and cyber attackers) could be disastrous for your company and could even result in the critical exposure of company and stakeholder information.

SimplyCast’s Alerts software is one of the most effective tools that can help your business in an emergency. This is because it allows you to reach every desired recipient through their chosen channel of communication. Alerts can be sent through SMS, email, fax and voice notifications and contacts’ preferred channels can be listed beforehand so that in the event of any emergency, everyone will be reached as fast as possible.

With this mass warning and notification system, your business can receive confirmations from recipients via said preferred communication channel to ensure the desired message has been sent, received, and understood. Confirmations of receipt allow for any follow up information to be sent and received in a timely fashion. In the cyber security sector, the greatest threat is a breach of client and company information; thus if there is ever a breach, everyone must be on the same page and ready to shut down the attack. You may also wish to alert clients in the event of a breach, keeping them aware of any liabilities the breach could cause.

Use the Alerts software to follow through with a pre-designed emergency plan. This can be accomplished by setting up a pre-made alert message that includes further steps to be taken by recipients. For example, if there is a sudden security breach found in your system, exact protocol instructions can be sent to the security team such as firewall operators and programming operators. Designate assignments to each team member beforehand and include these instructions in the pre-made alert messages.

Want to know how to get started? Check out this blog for more information and for how this emergency software can benefit your business!

In the cyber security industry, time is of the utmost importance in protecting and defending against breaches and cyber-attacks. The most effective way to tackle this is utilizing tools like Alerts to get ahead of the issue and have a strategic procedure to eliminate the issue as quickly as possible.

Request a demo of the Alerts solution today and see how SimplyCast can help you protect your business! Also, check out the rest of SimplyCast’s emergency suite of tools to see how SimplyCast can help you create the most effective mass warning and notification system for your business!

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