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Connect all stakeholders in an emergency situation quickly and effectively
by automatically utilizing multiple channels of communication

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Connect and Manage

When time is of the essence, being able to effectively connect with first responders, emergency managers, and citizens is essential. Use SimplyCast's emergency communication software to connect automatically and manage the responses you receive.

Keep Communications Organized

Imagine knowing the exact moment a message was received and responded to. As messages go out and responses come in, use emergency communication software to see your reports in a real-time dashboard. This ensures you know exactly what’s going on, and can make timely decisions based on accurate data.

Communicate on Multiple Channels

You can send out your emergency message on multiple channels, ensuring your message is heard by everyone involved. Utilize email, SMS, voice, and even fax to reach responders, stakeholders, and private citizens.

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SimplyCast's all-in-one engagement platform is used to build out customizable use case solutions to easily solve industry challenges through the help of automation technology.
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In the beginning, SimplyCast faced startup struggles as it built an identity and a culture. As SimplyCast grew, the company focused on raising capital, developing local talent, and supporting nonprofit organizations. SimplyCast is now a leader in customer flow communication, personalized communications, and engagement automation.

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Don't worry about having to convert from your favorite sales and marketing applications! Through our open API, we are able to integrate with many industry favorite CRMs, e-commerce platforms and more!


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