Industry Solutions using Marketing Automation

Industry Solutions Using Marketing Automation

Engage thousands of captured leads at once in a hyper-personalized way.

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Reach Your Audience Using Industry-Specific Solutions

Do you need a marketing and communication solution that is flexible, customizable and interactive? Our tools are build around your unique requirements. Our all-in-one marketing and communication platform helps you effectively engage your customers and expand your company's reach. The platform is simple to use and has a powerful built-in CRM.

Our tools allow you to create your own message, customize the look and feel of your campaigns to be consistent with your company brand, and greatly reduce your manual work. Our team works with clients in every industry and we have used real feedback to develop tools that are ideal for each.

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Use marketing automation to attract new clients with targeted, personalized nurturing campaigns and increase repeat visits with service reminders.

Construction companies have a lot to keep track of. With workers on different sites daily, how do you make sure everyone knows where to go?

Spread your message over multiple channels and connect with potential students through automated nurturing campaigns.

Automated financial marketing enables you to build loyalty and increase satisfaction through highly personalized communication.

A government automation platform is able to save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks while also increasing engagement and personalization.

Online healthcare marketing and information management software makes it possible to achieve greater efficiency in your healthcare communications.

With an automated insurance marketing solution, create and distribute personalized campaigns to each of your customers.

Automatically send messages on social media, email and text message to build a buzz around your media event.

Make the most of your nonprofit staff and budget by reaching out to supporters over multiple channels from a single platform.

Track leads from the moment they reach your website and automatically send targeted messages based on each lead's needs.

Create a unique identity for your restaurant and spread your brand over multiple channels such as social media, email and text message.

Reach each customer with targeted retail marketing promotions, timely reminders, and special offers.

Automating communication and engagement for unions with their members and other groups is a simple as leveraging a multi-channel marketing automation platform.

Utility marketing is based on keeping all your customers informed. Automated messages help you reach out to each one of your customers.


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