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Create and manage assets, monitor statuses in real time, and display items using mapping technology.

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Determine the information you need to know at a glance by managing it with SimplyCast's Blueprints & Map application. Use the mapping technology to display blueprint records and monitor any change in status or capacity. Do this with help from visual icons that change color automatically.

Acting essentially like a relational database system, Blueprint entities are used as templates to create records that can appear on SimplyCast’s Map interface or be used separately. Managers can look at the map and see the information they need to know at a glance. With Blueprints, it is essential to plan out your actions beforehand in order to maximize your success and make sure you are being efficient with the system.


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Customize Entity Fields Create blueprint templates containing fields and data types specific to the particular entity that must be filled out each time a new record of that blueprint is created.
Create Icon Filters Icons help differentiate between blueprint entities when they appear on the mapping interface. Add different color filters to the chosen icon that will update automatically whenever a specific change to a record occurs.
Draw Map Regions Using the mapping technology, create a region entity that can be used as an exclusion zone or evacuation zone, for example. You can even choose to send notifications to all contacts located in the designated area.
Form Custom Reports Set up customized blueprint reports to gather information as it is collected in real time. Choose only the information fields you need to monitor and include as many blueprints as you like into a single report, provided they share common fields.
Manage Campaigns Online Create, manage, and organize all your Blueprints & Maps entities online. Access from anywhere at any time. All your plans and assets are stored in our secure server, so you do not need to build an entity from scratch. You can also share your projects and collaborate with other team members, saving time and removing extra hassles.
Filter Map Layers Use the Filter button provided to select the blueprint entity layers you wish to be displayed on the map at one time. Further filter instances by choosing only those that possess a specific visibility level to be displayed, or even filter instances by the contents of a particular blueprint field.
Dropdown Menu Creation Create custom dropdown menus containing the choices you need for your various blueprint fields. These dropdown menus are stored in the Blueprints application and can be used during the creation of multiple blueprint entities.


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