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SimplyCast 360

Use 20+ applications to build automated multi-channel marketing campaigns, save time, and close more deals!

The marketing automation solution for you

SimplyCast 360 is an all-in-one marketing automation solution that enables you to build personally-targeted campaigns in minutes. Save time and increase effectiveness through automated communication tools. Reach each customer and lead with automated personalized messages that appeal to their personal needs and build stronger, more loyal relationships.

SimplyCast 360 allows you to easily map out and automate communication processes in order to make day-to-day communications, marketing efforts, and internal processes more efficient.

Complete Solution

Automate Customer Communications with Fewer Resources

Build multi-channel automation campaigns in minutes Drag elements into the automated marketing software, connect them, set triggers, customize campaigns: everything you need to build marketing automation campaigns like a pro.
Engage via multiple channels Reach out to customers or nurture leads via multi-channel automation campaigns. Engage them seamlessly 24/7 through email, SMS, voice, fax or via their preferred method.
Personalize at scale Using merge tags you can personalize messages across channels. Select the area of the message you want to personalize and our automated engagement software will pull the data and do the job for you.
Nurture leads efficiently Track leads' activities on your website. See past interactions in the CRM and detect their location in the funnel. Then, communicate with them exactly the way they want.
Drive sales with a smart CRM Nurture your leads using our powerful CRM and convert them into sales. Assign specific CRM tasks to team members at any point of your automated marketing campaign.
Put marketing on autopilot Control how and when different automated communication campaigns will be executed. Create and customize from simple campaign triggers to sophisticated triggering criteria and enjoy as your campaigns run on their own 24/7.
Integrate social media Schedule your automated marketing content on Facebook and Twitter. Link social media to landing pages and track engagement using our web tracker. Don't use social media only to create awareness - get more leads from there and drive sales.
View automation campaign performance Measure your campaign performance by watching how each section is working. View and download campaign reports in real-time and use the information to improve campaigns in no time.
Capture more leads You don't have to spend money on a separate landing page builder to capture leads. Connect our landing page and forms with your marketing automation campaigns to begin auto-nurturing.

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Using SimplyCast Engagement Automation Platform is like having a marketing department that works 24/7 without holidays or vacation days. And it costs incomparably less.


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