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Have a complete view of all ongoing and upcoming campaigns, manage timelines, and access reports.

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When you have multiple campaigns running that use multiple engagement channels, tracking them is one of the hardest tasks a marketer can face. However, with SimplyCast’s Calendar software, you do not have to get stressed over monitoring your campaigns. 


Calendar allows you to view the timelines of all your marketing campaigns in one spot, allowing you to see exactly when each campaign starts and ends with a useful visual interface. Find previous campaigns and access reports to see how campaigns have performed historically. 


Our platform is easy and convenient to use. You do not need any hardware or coding knowledge to use our software. Save time and manage campaigns efficiently with SimplyCast’s Calendar software. 


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Complete Solution

Automatic Campaign Organization

Preview Campaigns Preview your campaign in the Calendar before it gets sent out with the built-in preview function. You even have the option to simulate a test send of the campaign with any lists and merge tags you wish to include to see how it will look.
Search/Filter Campaigns You can search for a specific campaign within the Calendar with the help of a search bar and filtering tool. Apply filter settings to your search by using the filter button that is easily accessible and decide which channel you would like to view the campaigns for.
Find Reports From the Calendar interface, you can easily view reports of previous campaigns. Simply click on the campaign you are interested in and a side drawer will open to the right of your screen, which will include a link for Reports.


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