Use SimplyCast's Automated Invoicing Solution: 7 Reasons

Use SimplyCast's Automated Invoicing Solution: 7 Reasons

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Automated Invoicing Solution

Sending invoices to clients is a common practice in the business world, particularly, in the service industry. The purpose of an invoice is to let the client know the billed amount for a service so the client can pay the amount using an appropriate payment method. In many industries, billing takes place on a recurring basis. For instance, an internet service provider bills their clients monthly. To do this, they send personalized invoices to clients via email.

Now, the question is: does a company need to send invoices manually? I mean, sending a thousand messages to thousand clients one by one can be an overwhelming task, particularly when the amount is different for each customer. That automatically eliminates the option to blast a generic message (which nobody should be doing anyway).

Therefore, SimplyCast has a use case solution to help businesses send personalized recurring invoices to clients. Using this solution, businesses can send invoices automatically, track invoices, and follow up with customers automatically if they do not interact with their invoice messages (e.g., do not pay by the due date). Check out this blog to learn more about the automated invoicing solution strategy!

Here in this blog, we are sharing our top seven reasons to use SimplyCast’s automated invoicing solution so we can help you understand the benefits of having this process.

Let’s check them out:

1. Multi-channel Notifications

When sending invoices, if you only use one channel, there is a chance your clients may miss them. So, how about sending invoices via email and then automatically notifying the client via a text message? You can easily set this up by using our solution. Clients will receive a personalized text alert at the same time the invoice is delivered to their mailbox so they can find it even if it ends up in their spam folder!

2. Scalable Solution

SimplyCast is a highly scalable digital engagement platform, which means you can easily send thousands of invoices via multiple channels without raising an alarm. Our platform is capable of sending 100,000+ messages/hour and our CRM can hold a nearly unlimited number of contacts. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of customers, we have it covered! You need more, we will get additional servers and gateways for you!

3. Reliable Technology

With a minimum of 99.5% uptime, SimplyCast is a super-reliable platform when it comes to digital engagement. In any case of maintenance, we always contact our users in advance so they can plan their campaigns accordingly. We also have regular check-ups and in-house maintenance services to keep everything running smoothly.

4. Military-grade Security

SimplyCast is an ISO 27001:2013 certified digital engagement company with data centers in the USA and Canada. Which means, your client information is safe with us. We use end-to-end transmission technology while sending messages, so it adds an extra layer of security. In today’s era of cyber-security, it is important to maintain high security standards and SimplyCast is committed to protecting its users’ privacy.

5. Easy to Use

This is perhaps the most crucial benefit of using SimplyCast’s automated digital invoicing solution. SimplyCast is the world’s only no-code/low-code digital engagement platform with drag-and-drop functionality. Using this solution, you can easily build and launch campaigns by following your intuitions.

6. Training & Onboarding

Once you are in, we have lots of resources to train and onboard you. Our super-interactive and personalized training sessions help you learn the platform better and get the most out of it. We want you to be successful because if you make more money, so do we!

7. Dedicated Account Manager

At any point, if you need help building your campaign, our team of dedicated account managers is there to help you. We also have lots of more use cases so if you are facing any other digital engagement issues, we are always happy to help!

So, here are the top seven benefits of using our automated invoicing solution. Alongside these, our platform features a lot of more benefits to help scale your operations that we would love to show you.

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