SimplyCast Highlight: Command Hub

SimplyCast Highlight: Command Hub

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Command Hub

Event management can be difficult, especially when you have a number of different tasks to complete and information is coming in from multiple sources. Whether it is an emergency or a routine office procedure, you want to be sure that you have all the facts in one, comprehensive command center so you can easily determine the necessary next steps.

Command Hub is a new tool SimplyCast has developed through its new EmergHub platform to help with the centralization of data during these events, creating a common operating picture for all users in the account, and even across multiple accounts. The module is essentially a command center dashboard containing various reporting widgets specific to the ongoing event. You are able to view response confirmations from alerts, live survey and recall answers, and even reports on the status of relevant blueprint entities all on one single screen.

When you first log into the SimplyCast EmergHub platform, you will be directed to the Command Hub Default Dashboard, which is composed of three permanent widgets. You can also create additional dashboards where you are able to configure them by adding different reporting widgets based on which campaigns or projects you wish to gather information for.

These widgets will show you information pertaining to the results of the various tasks that must be completed during an event. There are eight available widgets that can be added to your Command Hub Dashboard:

Alerts Status

Alerts are mass notifications that can be sent out via up to four channels of communication: email, SMS, voice, and fax. The Alerts Status widget lets you view the results of a sent alert. Information that can be viewed in this widget includes the number of messages sent via each message type, the number of total alerts that were sent out, as well as the number of contacts who confirmed they have received the alert.

Live Survey Status

Live Surveys are one-question surveys that can be sent to quickly gather information on the fly. They can be used to collect status updates during an ongoing event or for a quick poll around the office. The Live Survey Status widget shows you each contact's response as it comes in and updates the associated graph in real time. See how many surveys were sent out and by which communication method. Also, like the Alerts Status widget, you can see how many surveys have yet to be answered.

Recall Status

Recalls are essentially mass notifications sent out to contacts in an effort to recruit personnel to attend an event or meeting. The Recall Status widget allows you to view how many recalls were sent out and which methods were used to send the messages, as well as lets you see how many have so far gone unanswered. View how many contacts have responded to the recall as well as their respective responder type, specific skillset, or company role.

Blueprint Reporting / Blueprint Quick Report

Blueprints are templates that have been created as a way to manage records of assets within an organization. The Blueprint Reporting and Blueprint Quick Report widgets are used to display a filtered report of one or more blueprints, depending on the information that needs to be tracked. The Blueprint reporting widget allows you to choose a pre-created report that has been created in the Blueprints module, whereas the Blueprint Quick Report widget enables you to immediately create a brand new report.

Active Events

The Active Events widget shows you all the currently ongoing events that have been launched from event templates.  You are able to see the name of the active event, as well as the date that it was launched and by which user in your account. Depending on the permission level, you may also be able to access the event dashboards of any of these events from this widget.

Event Launcher

The Event Launcher widget contains a list of any event templates that have been published, allowing for a quick launch whenever the need arises. You can also use this widget to launch a new event ad hoc without referring to a previously created templated.

Live Activity Feed

The Live Activity Feed shows you an automatically updating list of the most recent actions the members of your account have taken. You are able to view how along ago the user completed the action, the nature of the action taken, and the specific event that the action was in reference to.

These widgets can be rearranged and resized on any of the Command Hub Dashboards you have created to suit your specifications and needs. A couple of them may also be shared with other accounts in your account network in order to fully realize the idea of a common operating picture. You will receive a notification on your command center dashboard whenever a widget has been shared with your account.

Command Hub also allows you to create new, on-the-fly campaigns that were not originally a part of the currently active event template, but will be saved in the event report once the event has been ended.

Combining all of your communications into a common command center dashboard greatly increases the facility and efficiency of managing all kinds of events. A common operating picture is a must-have for emergencies especially, as it ensures that managers and authorities have all the information necessary to make proper judgments in regard to appropriate next steps.

If you would like more information about Command Hub and the available features in its command center dashboard, visit this page, or email our sales team at

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