Highlight: SimplyCast 360 Marketing Automation System

Highlight: SimplyCast 360 Marketing Automation System

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Marketing Automation System

This week we're going to highlight SimplyCast's marketing automation system, SimplyCast 360. Over the past few months, we've been highlighting the many features that make our platform so unique. From voice to fax, SMS to surveys and everything in between, these tools can help you reach your audience in new and interesting ways that meet their needs.

What we haven't touched on, however, is how these powerful tools can work together to deliver powerful, personalized campaigns and provide unparalleled coverage through the SimplyCast 360 marketing automation system.

Designed to provide a clear picture of your marketing efforts, SimplyCast 360 allows you to create visual communications flows that connect multiple applications. These flows can be customized with delays, fixed time sending, repeating triggers, duplicate filters, and more to help guide contacts along your campaign. These elements can provide many functions, from sending emails at selected times to only sending messages on select dates – such as a customer's birthday or before an event.

This marketing automation system can help set up a variety of campaigns for any industry that you can think of. Run a medical office? Use 360 to send automated reminder emails of upcoming appointments. Looking to get more customers in your door? Announce your next promotion through text or voice to reach your consumer base. Trying to engage your clients digitally? Craft a form or landing page that will automatically collect and consolidate the information they enter, and reach out to them in the future through the communication medium they prefer – like email, text, voice, or fax.

All the data collected from contacts through campaigns is compiled automatically in the platform's free CRM, allowing for further communications to be personalized. Through the built-in CRM, all actions taken by the contact on your site are tracked. Identifying which pages they visit will help you better understand where their needs lie. When you're ready, email campaigns with content designed around their interests can be built and sent addresses them personally as you start a positive conversation with a potential contact.

Sending out a large campaign? Use A/B Split Testing or Percentage Split to send different versions of emails, text messages, voice calls, and more to see which your audience is more receptive to.

Looking to track more inbound leads for your sales representatives? Add in CRM features that alert your team when someone finishes a form so they can monitor their actions and reach out personally. Thinking more in terms of customer service? Use the same features to identify issues or problems customers may have through forms and surveys, with a representative ready to respond.

So, stop spending precious time manually sending out email campaigns, canvassing your neighborhood, or chasing potential leads. SimplyCast 360 has you covered from every angle.

If you're considering trying 360, or if you want to see how SimplyCast can improve your organization, try a free 14-day trial and discover what our solutions can do for you and your clients!

Looking to employ this service but unsure if you'll have the content creation resources? You can have a dedicated SimplyCast employee who can create and manage your campaigns within the marketing automation system. Learn more about our Hands-Free program where you reap all the benefits with none of the hassle.

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