SimplyCast Highlight: Voice

SimplyCast Highlight: Voice

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SimplyCast Highlight

Want to know the best kept secret in the marketing world? Phone calls work. In fact, phone calls have a conversion rate of 30 to 50 percent.

With SimplyCast's voice broadcasting application, you can use that secret to your advantage.

Now when we talk about phone calls, we're not referring to telemarketers that interrupt your dinner and leave you asking, "who is this person?" or "how did they get my number?"

We're referring to timed, pre-recorded messages you've created either on your own or with text-to-speech where your written words are spoken for you.

While it is true that email and texting have quickly becoming everyone's favorite way to communicate, it's hard to deny automated calls are being pushed aside.

This has presented a hidden advantage however, with 95 percent of U.S. adults owning a mobile phone that you can connect with. While this may leave you asking, "why not use SMS marketing?" The reality is some messages are simply too long to send via text. Would you rather send a contact three separate text messages, or one quick voice message?

What makes voice broadcasting such a vital part of a marketing strategy is that not everyone owns a cellphone or has regular access to the internet. By sending voice broadcasts through landlines, you can connect with contacts even in remote locations or regions at a moment's notice.

Another advantage is phone calls also provide a level of immediacy that is sometimes required – you can send emails and text messages, but they may be overlooked. Simply put: when your phone rings, you answer it.

One of the best aspects of voice broadcasting is that it isn't costly, coming in at $0.05 USD/minute. Let's break that down: if you send a voice message to 100 contacts that is two minutes long, you'll spend a maximum of $10 assuming you reach everyone successfully. If there are a few calls that don't go through, you're not charged which provides a better handle on your budget.

Finally, the software is compliant with all legal regulations surrounding telemarketing by allowing contacts to easily unsubscribe should they wish to and providing you with a full cost quote before sending. The application also includes real time reporting so you know how many calls were placed, which numbers didn't go through, and the messages you've sent.

Let's say it's the winter season and your organization is opening a new store, with customers RSVPing to get special deals from across the region in both populated and remote locations. When a blizzard causes the grand opening to be moved, a voice broadcast is sent to both staff and customers informing them of the cancelled event, regardless of their location.

If you're considering creating a voice campaign, or if you want to see how SimplyCast can improve your organization, try a free 14-day trial and discover what our solutions can do for you and your clients!

Looking to employ this service but unsure if you'll have the content creation resources? You can have a dedicated SimplyCast employee who can create and manage your campaigns. Learn more about our Hands-Free program where you reap all the benefits with none of the hassle.

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