Leverage SMS Automation Software to Boost Engagement

Leverage SMS Automation Software to Boost Engagement

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SMS Automation Software

What is SMS automation?

SMS automation is a feature that sends your SMS messages automatically based on pre-determined times, recipient actions or inactions, or shortcode keywords.

When you first hear automation software, you likely think of email automation, which is fair seeing as over half of businesses use email automation in one way or another. But, email is no longer the only communication channel in the proverbial automation game: SMS automation software. More and more people, including Millennials and Gen Y’ers, prefer automated text messages over speech-based options when it comes to interacting with businesses. In fact, most consumers actually prefer offers to be sent to them via SMS.

So, if consumers want to be engaged via SMS, why do only 25% of marketers leverage SMS for marketing purposes? Well, there may be a couple of reasons SMS may not be used to its fullest potential. Some businesses may simply not be aware of the potential positive impact SMS automation software could have on their lead and customer engagement. Others may know about the power of SMS marketing, but maybe not about the existence of SMS automation software to aid in these endeavors, without which would make SMS marketing a difficult manual task.

No matter the reasoning, it’s not too late to use SMS automation software to increase engagement today. After all, 77% of consumers think positively of businesses that offer text capability and that could easily include you. So, now that you know why your business (or all businesses for that matter) should be using SMS marketing, how can you leverage SMS automation software to make it happen? First things first, you need to find the right software.

Here’s what you should look for in an SMS automation software platform:

Once you have a platform decided upon and put in place, you can begin to use it to engage new leads, offer more to your existing contacts and customers, and increase your overall engagement.

Here are a few campaign ideas you can quickly and easily launch with SMS automation software:

  • Gather opt-ins and expressed consent
  • Offer exclusive offers/promotions to SMS subscribers
  • Send limited time flash coupons
  • Send appointment reminders to limit no-shows
  • Do a cross promotion with your email campaigns

Are you ready to use SMS automation software?

If you’re ready to increase your engagement through the hottest marketing channel right now, contact us today! A member of our team would be happy to help you find the perfect solution and package that best suits your needs.

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