SMS Real Estate Shortcodes: Top 3 Campaign Ideas

SMS Real Estate Shortcodes: Top 3 Campaign Ideas

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SMS Real Estate Shortcodes

As a real estate agent, chances are that you are constantly looking for ways to find new prospective buyers, engage potential sellers, and improve your overall communication with clients, but you looked into SMS real estate shortcodes? Think of how you are doing this right now. You’re likely sending email updates, maintaining a social media presence, and making yourself available for phone calls or emails. All of these are valid methods of staying connected and engaged, but there’s more you can offer to leads while making less work for yourself.

SMS marketing has sky-rocketed in popularity in recent years. Thanks to the immediacy of communication, ease of use, and availability of tools to aid in SMS marketing, it has never been easier to connect with buyers and sellers through a device that is literally on them at all times. To help you get started with SMS marketing specific to real estate, here the top three SMS real estate campaign ideas for real estate agents.

SMS Real Estate Shortcodes and For Sale Signs

Imagine you’re a potential buyer driving around the streets of a neighborhood you’re interested in and you see a “for sale” sign. You’re just out exploring so you may not necessarily want to call up the phone number for more information. How can you still capture the interest (and contact information) of these potential buyers without pressuring them? If this "for sale" sign were to have a keyword that a buyer could text to any SMS real estate shortcodes, you could establish an SMS campaign for the house. If the house address is 1 Main Street, you could include instructions on the sign that read “Text 1MAIN to 550055 for more info.” When buyers complete this action, they would automatically receive a response with more information about the property as well as a link to the full listing. And, now that they have opted- in for SMS communications from you by texting the keyword to your shortcode, you are now able to connect with them through future SMS campaigns!

Appointment Reminders for Buyers and Sellers

When you are in the process of buying or selling a home, both the buyers and the sellers need to be notified of appointments. Whether this means viewings, inspections, or what have you, you can automatically remind your buyers to attend and your sellers to vacate through SMS reminders. To do this, you would simply have to enter the specific dates and times of the appointments into the system and have the automated process take care of the rest. This saves you time as well as ensures everyone is informed of any and all appointments. This limits the risk of no shows to house viewings and lets the sellers know at what time they need to leave the house.

Use SMS Real Estate Campaigns to Stay in Touch

The house has been successfully closed! The sellers have happily moved on and the buyers are getting settled into their new home. Since referrals are a big part of real estate, you want to make sure you left a good impression. Send a quick feedback survey to your buyers/sellers via SMS, gather their ratings and comments, and use the information to improve your services in the future. Additionally, you can stay engaged with your clients automatically in the future using SMS, even if only to send a monthly “check-in” text to see if they require anything from you. If they do, you’ll receive their response automatically. If they don’t, then they’ll simply receive another check-in message later on. The key here is to stay top-of-mind should anything (such as a referral) come up. Want to try out any of these SMS campaigns for yourself? Sign up for a 14-day free trial of the marketing automation platform: SimplyCast 360.

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