Social Media and Email Marketing: A Powerful Combination

Social Media and Email Marketing: A Powerful Combination

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Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media and email marketing are two very powerful channels your organization can use to generate new leads, boost brand recognition, and increase overall revenue. These channels are even more powerful and effective when used together. Keeping social media and email marketing separate will still provide you with effective strategies…but having a holistic view between all marketing channels provides your organization with brand consistency and provides your leads and contacts with a strong brand experience.

Where are your social media and email marketing campaigns?

First things first, if you're ready to combine your social media efforts with your email campaigns, you have to know where the two currently stand. Having the team members in charge of each collaborate and explain the current status of each will be a big asset in bringing the two together. Start by asking the following questions:

  • Is there already any integration between the social media and email marketing campaigns? If so, what is it?
  • Is there any crossover between the audiences?
  • What messaging goes across better on social media compared to email and vice versa?
  • Are there any current ongoing campaigns that combining social media and email marketing could impact?
  • What goals can social media help email accomplish and vice versa?

Answers to these questions will help provide the framework from which the teams can create a strong plan to integrate the two channels to create a combined social media and email marketing campaign.

How can social media and email marketing work together?

Now that your team has an idea of where the two marketing campaigns stand separately, how can you bring them together? Here are a few ideas that may help you in integrating email and social media marketing.

Add social share/follow options to your emails

Let your email subscribers share items from your email campaigns with social sharing options. Also, allow them to follow your social media channels by including links to your profiles in your email footer. This is a quick way you can use your email campaign to promote your social media presence.

Promote email opt-in

On social media, you have the ability to share links and content to a wide audience. Use these platforms to feed leads to your email campaign. Simply promote your email opt-in to gain more contacts for your email campaigns.

Automate the process

Use an automation solution to have your social media posts go out at regular intervals without needing a staff member write and post the content as needed. Instead, create content in advance, choose the date and interval for each post, and let the campaign run automatically. You can also use automation in your email campaigns. Have decision and time-based triggers so that email leads that are fed into by social media receive messages automatically at the right time.

Want to learn more?

SimplyCast has an engagement automation solution that can aid in streamlining the process of combining your social media and email marketing campaigns. From Twitter and Facebook automation to email marketing automation, SimplyCast's suite of tools will help improve and optimize your marketing campaigns today. Contact us to learn more!

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