How to Streamline Communications for Medical Services

How to Streamline Communications for Medical Services

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Communications for Medical Services

You need a way to streamline communications effectively and make sure that everyone is able to get access to the information they require at any given time.

Medical services, whether they be a hospital, clinic, or ambulatory facility, are always a hub of activity, with a mixture of doctors, paramedics, and patients all hurrying about. Communication is bound to be difficult while trying to manage all of these different groups of people while trying to direct them where they need to be and provide them with the information they need.

Here are just a few ways you are able to streamline communications for your medical services using SimplyCast's EmergHub platform:

Alert patients and personnel

Due to the loud nature of medical facilities, it can often be hard to hear messages and alerts that come over the PA speakers. Instead, using multiple communication channels to distribute important messages to staff and patients at your medical facility allows you to be sure that each person receives the information is as timely a manner as possible. With the Alerts tool, you can send your messages over email, SMS, voice, and fax channels and ask recipients to confirm they have read and understood the message. This enables you to determine who has not been notified and you can resend any urgent information.

Rally medical personnel quickly

Whether it is for an emergency surgery or for a specialist to make a diagnosis, you need to quickly be able to find the right people for the job. The Recall application in EmergHub will help you send a message to your staff asking for assistance, and will even segment the responders into specific categories depending on the skill sets they possess. Monitor the confirmed responses in the Recall report and end the recall as soon as you have obtained the requisite number of responders.

Easily contact whoever is on call

Medical services professionals are sometimes known for being hard to get in touch with. This includes times when they are trying to be contacted in order to fulfill their on call duties. EmergHub has an OnCall feature that includes the ability for the creation of OnCall groups, which are designated a single group phone number that can be called whenever the on call personnel needs to be contacted. By dialing this single phone number, callers will then be transferred to the first scheduled on call group member and will fall back throughout the list of currently on call personnel until someone picks up.

EmergHub can help streamline communications

EmergHub can help streamline communications for your medical services facility by combining many communication tools together in an all-in-one platform, which can be easily used in conjunction with the built-in contact management feature that lets you store and use contact information gathered through signup forms or landing pages. To learn more about our emergency tools, visit this page on the SimplyCast website, or contact

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