Why You Should Use Alerts Software for Security Breaches

Why You Should Use Alerts Software for Security Breaches

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Why You Should Use Alerts Software for Security Breaches

In the cyber security world, time is everything.  This can be proved by the millions of cyber-attacks across the globe at any given minute. A single slip up with a phishing email or non-encrypted data transmission could result in the loss of assets and could even bankrupt your company. How can we protect against this happening? Invest in cyber security software and strategies and always prepare for any scenario. If you think you’re protected and trying hard enough, remember your attackers are trying 10 times harder to breach your company. This is where alerts software is your best friend.

As of 2018, 63% of organizations are already using emergency notification systems. This means these organizations are taking advantage of the ability to instantly notify stakeholders in the event of security risks. However, alerts software not only works for reacting to risks, but can help with prevention and company asset protection.

For our purposes, let’s assume an attacker is going after your financial data. They’ve created a well-designed document that one of the managers is expecting in the next few days from a contractor. With this document, they’ve included encrypted viruses that are directed to the company cloud and their purpose is to drop company communications to create an opening for them to start attacking the firewalls.

What's your first step in defense?

Your CSO will become quickly aware of the attempt being made and their progress so far. Your CSO will want to communicate to the team to immediately begin protecting data and supporting security employees as they eliminate these viruses. Since we are assuming the hacker is planning to steal or damage finance data, the security team needs to communicate to the entire company to be on the lookout and run their anti-virus software immediately. The CSO will need to create a direct notification to the finance management team that there has been a security breach and implement the pre-designed plan of defense.

That’s a lot of time wasted communicating the risk in the few minutes you have to destroy this hacker’s attempts. This is where alerts software comes in. Your security team will have a set plan for these situations and specific instructions on the plan to eliminate this threat. Alerts software has little to no coding required to implement a strategy of defense.

Using the software, you can create alerts as a precautionary strategy for these. You can write exact instructions for dealing with the breach in each alert and the decide what communication channels you wish to send this message through. Email and SMS messages are the most accessible because of their access on multiple devices. Therefore, it is recommended that in our example of a serious security breach, we should choose the message to be sent through SMS.

Where can I find alerts software?

SimplyCast’s Alerts tool is a cloud-based mass notification software that can be used to create and template alert notifications to be sent out to your teams in the event of a security breach. As well, Alerts can also be used for low security risk management such as sending out a weekly reminder regarding newly-found security breach attempts and phishing schemes to your team.

For all your immediate and pre-emptive mass notification strategies, use alerts software to get the job done! Be dure to check out SimplyCast’s Alerts application and request a demo now to see how this software can benefit your company’s security breach notification process!

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