Start Using Marketing Automation (Before the Competition)

Start Using Marketing Automation (Before the Competition)

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Start Using Marketing Automation

We're just going to come out and say it: you need to start using marketing automation before your competitors.

Every day you try to reach potential customers and clients while trying to foster the relationships you've worked so hard to build with existing contacts.

The kicker?

You need to do it all while offering a personalized and engaging experience – that's not fluff. It's industry standard.

You need a powerful system that can track your email open rates, send SMS alerts, produce text-to-speech voice messages, create forms that can be embedded on your website, and more. With marketing automation, you can do all of this and more.

"Why should I automate?" you ask? Why does any company automate?

Here are the top three reasons:

Save Money

Between pay-per-click ads, promotional emails, social media posts, and more, getting your name out there can be expensive. With so many channels to connect on it is both beneficial (and cost saving) to employ a service that does the heavy lifting. Your staff can efficiently set up mass campaigns quickly, giving them time to work on high priority projects and connect with leads that will bring in more revenue.

With marketing automation, you can easily send mass email sends to multiple contacts with personalized subject lines and call-to-action buttons to draw the eye and encourage clicks. You don't need to keep sending manually every week when one platform can automatically send reminders to contacts that didn't open the email, score the health of leads, and provide real-time statistics.

You don't have to search and calculate success – it's presented in front of you, with hard numbers that take the guesswork out of measurement.

Reach More People In Less Time

Think about the last time you had to do a big email send. How many contacts were there? How long did it take?

If your coffee mug was empty by the time you finished – it took too long.

When you use marketing automation, all you need to do is create the message, select the contact list you want to send it to, and BOOM! You're done. No cascade of out-of-office emails to deal with. No repetitive grammar mistakes from copy-and-pasting mixed with human error.

Instead, you know the exact amount of emails that sent, who opened them, who clicked the links, who didn't open them (and you can send a reminder emails to those people). Your contacts receive a personalized message addressed to them with tracked links and those that don't open it are automatically added to a nurture flow so you stay in touch.

Your customers feel cared about by receiving an email addressed specifically to them and you get to leave work before the streetlights come on.

It's a win-win.

Scale With Your Profits

What's the one question that eventually pops up in every meeting?

"Is it scalable?"

What makes marketing automation so unique and valuable is that it is a tool that grows with its users. By reaching more customers while freeing up your teams to concentrate on projects that will make your company more competitive, your profits increase while the system and grow to meet your needs.

If you just started with email but find that your customer base prefers mobile, you can send SMS messages and adapt to their needs.

Looking to acquire feedback? With the right software, you can send surveys and the data is reported in real-time through one platform – saving you money on ads and external services while you can automatically monitor the results.

Unlike your favorite t-shirt from middle school, you can never outgrow it. It just grows with you.

Get a Head Start on the Competition

Everything mentioned in this blog, and more, can be done with SimplyCast 360 marketing automation – from email marketing to mobile alerts, forms and surveys, voice campaigns, and more. Start your free 14-day trial today or contact our sales team at or 1-866-323-6572 ext. 1.

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