What Does a Digital Lead Nurturing Process Look Like?

What Does a Digital Lead Nurturing Process Look Like?

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Digital Lead Nurturing Process

Most sales teams have a lead nurturing process of some kind, but the long-term nurturing of leads can prove difficult to keep up with, especially when there are lots of leads to keep up with.

A digital solution streamlines the process of nurturing leads long term by leveraging communication automation to do the heavy lifting. By implementing a digital process, sales teams can ensure the continued engagement of their leads without needing to reach out to each lead manually.

SimplyCast presents the Long-term Lead Nurturing use case, a solution that leverages the ability to send personalized messages to leads at regular intervals while also assessing and identifying the most active leads.

The solution is intended to be used by sales teams to reduce the time spent nurturing leads while also making it easier to determine who the best leads are.

The Long-term Lead Nurturing Process

SimplyCast anticipated the need for companies to be able to leverage a process that simplifies and improves how long-term lead nurturing is conducted, leveraging automation to minimize the time spent following up with existing leads.

This solution follows a three-step process that streamlines how salespeople and leads interact with each other and with the solution.

Step 1 – Sales Representatives

The process begins when a salesperson adds a lead to a list of leads in their online database who have agreed to being sent additional information through an opt-in process.

Step 2 - Leads

Leads then begin to receive messages from the company on a regular basis. Whenever a lead interacts with a message, such as by opening an email or clicking a link, a score value associated with the lead increases.

Step 3 – Sales Representatives

When a lead reaches a specified score threshold, they are marked as an active and engaged lead and is brought to the attention of a salesperson, so they can be reached out to directly and converted into a sale.

Why SimplyCast?

That’s the gist of this process, which can easily be launched with just a few initial messages and then expanded on to meet any requirements that may arise.

The SimplyCast platform is a no-code platform that allows anyone to build and edit their solution. As a result, this solution is fully customizable, it can be tweaked or altered to meet the exact needs of every business or organization that has a lead nurturing process.

SimplyCast is an ISO 27001:2013-certified company with data centers in the USA and Canada. This means we can assure you that your confidential data is safe on our secure server and the messages you transmit are completely encrypted. Our platform has the capacity to send 100,000+ messages every hour and allows 10,000+ concurrent sessions. We can also acquire additional gateways and servers if needed.

Most importantly, we have a 99.5 percent minimum uptime. With our solution, you can have peace of mind. 

Interested in optimizing your long-term lead nurturing process?

Don’t wait! Our experts are ready to give you a one-on-one demo to explain how this solution works.

Request a demo by clicking the button below and let us show you how our solution can help you manage your Long-term Lead Nurturing process more efficiently.

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